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Inside Dental Technology
March 2019
Volume 10, Issue 3

It Takes a Village

With another Midwinter week now past, March kicks into high gear and the biennial International Dental Show (IDS, Cologne, Germany) approaches. At each event that I attend, whether it be as a participant or a speaker, I am always amazed by the support and comments. Getting in the trenches and immersing oneself fully is the key to witnessing both current trends and the latest innovations. These first-hand observations allow us to find the most useful information for our laboratories and understand how such innovations affect the dental profession.

But it is not only the technical information that is being presented or the advances that continue to develop within our field that should be applauded—it's also the people. As special as each event is, the opportunity to travel with my IDT team adds more value to each experience and reminds me that success truly takes a village. As several members of the IDT/AEGIS team travel together to this year's IDS, we will all be on the lookout to observe, learn, and understand all that will be offered.

The opportunity to inspire and be inspired by others—as well as to share ideas and create a community founded on a shared interest in learning and improvement—is certainly something to be celebrated. Each monthly edition of IDT is the result of collaboration and teamwork. The incredible members of the IDT team, whose names are listed on the right, are responsible for synthesizing an abundance of information and producing a final product that helps to educate and inform the dental community. I can't stress enough the importance of each individual member of the IDT team and how they continually inspire me to be better at what I do. We are also extremely lucky to have some amazing veteran members on the IDT Editorial Advisory Board, as well as a number of new creative individuals. The respect for the field, positivity, and abundance of knowledge here is truly amazing.

As I reflect on my continuing educational journey, I am grateful to so many people who have been fundamental to my growth in this profession. For all of us to be viable in the future of dental technology, it is our personal drive and motivation that push us forward. Today's dental professionals are fortunate to have a great community of highly experienced and intelligent mentors—including but not limited to the board members of IDT. Let us utilize the rich community that is growing around us and immerse ourselves in the company of colleagues who can only inspire us further to improve and advance the dental profession.

Peter Pizzi, MDT, CDT

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