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Inside Dental Technology
March 2019
Volume 10, Issue 3

Digital Dentures Take Priority

Laboratory uses DGSHAPE DWX-52DCi to implement digital workflow

Genaro Camarillo and Austin Heath

In 2018, Denver Dental Arts invested in the Roland DWX-52DCi dental milling machine with automatic disc changer to provide the digital workflow we needed to update our denture frame production. As a removable and fixed dental laboratory, we were seeking alternatives to traditional metal denture frames.

The DWX-52DCi gives us the option to mill not only zirconia, but also Zirlux Acetal resin from Zahn Dental. Acetal resin partial frames can be produced with a much faster turnaround time than traditional frames. In addition, we find our patients are more comfortable wearing the acetal resin partial, and the esthetics are much more pleasing, leading to higher patient satisfaction. Acetal resin has been integrated into our digital workflow using our existing CAD/CAM technology, which pairs directly with the Roland mill, giving us the ability to alter the design and even re-mill an appliance if necessary.

Now at the forefront in digital technology, we can mill full dentures with various materials that are available in the current market, while also having the ability to mill new materials as they are developed. Creating dentures with a digital workflow allows us to digitally remove teeth and mill an immediate denture that accurately mimics the patient's current morphology.

The precision that digital technology offers is unparalleled in the industry compared to the traditional method of manufacturing dentures. Digital denture manufacturing not only is more time-efficient, but also reduces our need for a large inventory of supplies such as teeth, wax, hand tools, articulators, and flasks. Other advantages of milled dentures include a production method that is much cleaner than the traditional denture production process and also extremely hypoallergenic, therefore providing a more sanitary workspace.

Roland has allowed us to embrace a digital denture workflow with ease. The Roland DWX-52DCi has helped us meet our goal of going digital, not only in our crown and bridge department, but in our removables department as well. 

Key Takeaways

The DGSHAPE DWX-52DCi dental mill's ability to mill Zirlux Acetal resin allows a much faster turnaround time than traditional denture frames
Acetal resin can be integrated into a digital workflow and existing CAD/CAM technology
Digital workflow offers the ability to mill an immediate denture that precisely mimics the patient's current morphology
Digital denture manufacturing is more time-efficient and reduces inventory needs
The digital process enables the patient to use the try-in while the final denture is being milled

About the Authors

Genaro Camarillo
Owner/Head Technician
Denver Dental Arts
Denver, CO

Austin Heath
Crown & Bridge,
CAD/CAM Manager
Denver Dental Arts
Denver, CO

Manufacturer Information

Roland DGA

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