Inside Dental Technology
December 2018
Volume 9, Issue 12

Partners in Quality

ASC implant system offers esthetic, functional results in difficult angulation cases

By Reese Weil

Don't you just love it when a partnership clicks? When microns matter, TruAbutment is a partnership you cannot be without. Gregory Weil Dental Ceramic Studio is a full-service dental laboratory located in Chico, California, that offers quality products to best satisfy our dentists. Our relationship with TruAbutment has allowed us to accomplish the most complex cases we otherwise could not. Our laboratory has extremely high standards for our work, and it requires the highest level of machinery to process an abutment.

It is critical to have a partner that understands the complexity and intricacies of implants as well as 510(k) compliance laws. The dentists whom we work for are constantly relying not only on case communication, but also on solutions to their complex cases. Between 3Shape, Weil Dental, and TruAbutment, we have everything necessary to offer our dentists every implant solution on the market, no matter the difficulty.

The case demonstrated in the photos is a classic example of a one-piece screw-retained implant case that would not have been possible without TruAbutment's ASC implant system. The dentist's concern was to avoid trapping any cement below the gingiva, so the ASC was the ideal product in this situation. Using this system allowed the margins to be at the gingiva so the patient could adequately cleanse their dentition. We were able to custom design the emergence profile according to the gingiva seen in the photo.

The partnership between Gregory Weil Dental and TruAbutment has vastly increased the esthetic results of thousands of patients with difficult angulation cases. The quality of the abutments is the best on the marketplace. TruAbutment represents less than 1% of milling centers that mill from a solid piece of titanium, and they do it in an accurate and timely manner for mass production. There is certainly a difference with the quality of the abutment's engagement into the hex of the proprietary implant system.

Whether we are doing a single-unit or multi-unit implant case, quality comes first. TruAbutment allows our laboratory to offer the highest quality products to our dentists, which gives the patient a more desirable and esthetically pleasing result. When it comes to abutments, we know we have the right partner in TruAbutment.

Key Takeaways

ASC proprietary implant system allows our laboratory to offer esthetic results in thousands of difficult angulation cases
TruAbutment understands the complexity and intricacies of implants as well as 510(k) compliance laws
Each abutment is milled from a solid piece of titanium

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Reese Weil
Account Executive and Dental Technician
Gregory Weil Dental
Ceramic Studio
Chico, California

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