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Inside Dental Technology
June 2018
Volume 9, Issue 6

Detailed Viewing for the Detail-Oriented

Facilitate production and instruction with the EASY view 3D Dental Viewer

Carola Wohlgenannt

There is no understating how critical one's vision is within the dental laboratory. In order to capture and recreate the fine details of natural dentition, our eyesight must be keen to take in all aspects of our creations. Today's collaborative environment of working in treatment teams with dental specialists creates a different challenge-needing to share our work and vision with others.

In my laboratory, Team Wohlgenannt Zahntechnik in Dornbirn, Austria, we have found a tool for when we need this kind of incredibly detailed vision. We use Renfert's EASY view 3D Dental Viewer, a video microscope for various working steps in the laboratory. As a microscope, this makes working easier and relaxes the posture. It's ideal for demonstration purposes, since views can be shared with other people by showing on a large screen. Similarly, the detail and ability to share photographs taken with it allow for better communication with dentists.

For example, it is ideally used when we discuss and examine work with our apprentices or colleagues. I can speak and correct crown and inlay margins while projecting without any problems. Fine details on the occlusal surface or small attachments can be explained very well due to the fact that the microscopic view can be shown to an audience onscreen.

The biggest advantage for me is that I can see into deep, narrow cavities with the EASY view 3D, something that's simply not possible with a conventional microscope. Deep cavities can be perfectly illuminated, for example, when working with pins and occlusally screw-retained crowns. For this advantage alone, I wouldn't want to do without the new video microscope again.

I also like to use it for demonstration purposes in the courses we teach or for instructing apprentices. In the same way, it is perfect to use in the laboratory while conducting training on ceramic layering, for example. This means that a ceramic build-up can be watched in detail very well by more than one person. When several screens are connected and switched on, I can show every single working step to a larger group. The 3D effect allows me to work under the camera as I normally would because the distance to the workpiece can be accurately estimated.

Furthermore, using it while grinding the sensitive preparation margin is also very helpful in the daily laboratory routine. As an additional function, I can easily create a snapshot by using the foot pedal and send it directly to the dentist by email. This makes communication a lot easier when creating a restoration.

There are so many ways my laboratory finds our EASY view 3D microscope invaluable. I cannot imagine working without it.

Key Takeaways

As a microscope, EASY view 3D Dental Viewer makes working easier and relaxes the posture
It is possible to share the microscopic view on-screen during presentations and instruction
Easily create snapshots and send directly to collaborators via email

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About the Author

Carola Wohlgenannt
Master Dental Technician
Team Wohlgenannt Zahntechnik
Dornbirn, Austria

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