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Inside Dental Technology
December 2017
Volume 8, Issue 12

Esthetic, Durable Custom Abutments

Craftsmanship, technology, and knowledge make TruAbutment a worthy partner

By Luke S. Kahng, CDT

My 65-person laboratory is 100% full-service, and we prioritize the highest quality and esthetics, using state-of-the-art technology. Dentists often send us their most complex cases, so we need a partner that can work with us to mill abutments and meet our high standards for esthetics and longevity. We have found that in TruAbutment.

It is important to me to have a partner that is easy to work with and has a strong knowledge of implantology. Our laboratory places an emphasis on communication with dentists to ensure the best outcomes, so it is also important for us to be able to communicate with a milling partner in a similar way. If we contact them and they cannot discuss a case at a high level, that lack of communication can prevent us from obtaining the best outcome.

I first saw TruAbutment's journal advertisements in 2016 and learned that they had a unique design for attachment-retained implant cases. Once I became acquainted with the company's CEO, John Kim, it became apparent that TruAbutment would be a reliable “right hand” for us. The company's craftsmanship and technology are exceptional.

We have found TruAbutment to be most helpful in two specific types of cases. The first is when dentists have placed implants and we observe problems with the placement. Some periodontists put the channel at 32° or even 35°, which is very problematic. Sometimes there are 12 implants from four different manufacturers, some of which are no longer even on the market. TruAbutment helps with the angulation, direction, and size of the multi-unit abutment to correct it or improve the esthetics. It allows us to reverse-engineer the abutment to make the bar and the final restoration better, both functionally and esthetically. Products such as the T:LOC custom overdenture abutment ensure a passive fit with retention so our removable prosthetics fit well when the patient is talking, eating, etc. That is key.

We also utilize TruAbutment in cases where dentists want to place implants immediately. We recommend TruAbutment's digital library, which is really excellent.

Overall, TruAbutment has proven to have knowledgeable people who are wonderful collaborators. We respect each other because we all share the same goal: producing an end product that will meet or exceed the expectations of both dentist and patient.

Key Takeaways

• TruAbutment's team has a strong knowledge of implantology, allowing for effective collaboration with partner laboratories
• Their ability to change the angulation, direction, and size of multi-unit abutments can help resolve poor implant placement
• Reverse engineering capabilities allow the laboratories to make better, more esthetic implant bars
• TruAbutment's digital library is an excellent option for dentists desiring immediate implant placement

About the Author

Luke S. Kahng, CDT
LSK121 Oral Prosthetics
Naperville, IL

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