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Inside Dental Technology
November 2017
Volume 8, Issue 11

Game-Changing Products 2017

Every year, Inside Dental Technology asks its Editorial Advisory Board to nominate Game-Changing Products for the annual Product iNavigator. These products demonstrate superior innovation and potential for bringing change to the industry. The following are the 2017 selections.

Pearl Q3 Multi-Shade

Nacera US

“Nacera’s new line of multilayered zirconia is having a dramatic impact on our workflow as well as reducing ceramic labor cost. Q3, with a flexural strength of 700 MPa, is offered in a variety of shades and is more esthetic than traditional zirconias. It provides the opportunity to restore anterior treatment plans with confidence and strength while ensuring beauty and a natural look. A definite game-changing product!”

Keith Miolen, CDT

Ultaire AKP


“Rather than being an all-in-one system, this replaces only one part of the process of a removable partial denture. A millable material that mimics a steel partial is very attractive. No more refractory models, investing, or casting. I foresee other applications for this product in the future as well.”

Steven Pigliacelli, CDT, MDT

Cuff Height and Angulation Set

PREAT Corporation

“This tool really saves me time and confusion on large implant cases. It takes away all the guesswork and permits me to plan these cases accurately from the laboratory, allowing for the proper ordering of necessary components.”

Joshua Polansky, MDC

“This is getting a big response online. It is newer and better than the angulation ruler I have been using.”

Elizabeth Curran, CDT, RDT


Sculpture Studios

“Lee Culp’s Digital Tooth Libraries allow quicker and more accurate digital design for restorations. These libraries save 30% to 50% in design time. Benefits include being optimized for CAD; broad interproximal contacts; marginal ridges, and cusp tips; even fossa depth; shallower, more natural fossa depth and inclines; flatter triangular ridges; cusp tips and occlusal anatomy allow faster designing; and well-defined primary anatomy for easier design and finishing.”

Steve Hoofard, CDT, AAACD


Harvest Dental

“This material opens new doors for metal-free restorative dentistry. Formulated to be similar to materials used for modern airplanes, this high-tech fiber-reinforced resin creates strength and fracture toughness with a low weight. With these new materials, we can mill partial frameworks, implant-retained bars, bridges, Maryland bridges, and more—an exciting discovery allowing us to more closely mimic the natural flex and strength found in nature.”

Jessica Birrell, CDT

Multi-Unit Abutment Plus

Nobel Biocare

“The Temporary Snap Coping Multi-unit Plus snaps on the new Multi-unit Abutment Plus for temporary retention, much like precision attachments; however, it is alloy-to-alloy for precision and durability (titanium), instead of nylon-to-alloy. They can be utilized temporarily without a screw during the try-in phase. Paying attention to detail is crucial when utilizing these abutments without screws until they are passively splinted within the prosthesis. I was really excited to see how well the snap-fit/screwless retention worked once they were accurately splinted. Very nice!”

Thomas Wade, CDT


RODO Medical

“This is a real game-changer. It provides the esthetic benefits of cementable restorations with the ease of removable restorations. We have implemented Smileloc to be the dominant implant system at Marotta Dental Studio.”

Steven Pigliacelli, CDT, MDT

New 3D Printing Technology

XJet 3D and LITHOZ

“Two innovations in 3D printing ceramics that are being adapted from the aerospace and automotive sectors have caught my eye: lithography-based ceramic manufacturing (LCM) and nano-particle jetting (NPJ). LITHOZ can print
glass ceramic using LCM, and
XJet 3D can print ‘liquid ceramics and liquid metals.’”

Ian Taylor, CDTdipRSC(Eng)



“These are custom-milled locator abutments that provide maximum angle correction for a multitude of implant platforms and carry a warranty that reflects the original implant manufacturer warranty.”

André Théberge,

3Shape Dental System 2017


“3Shape is our digital design resource. I love the ability to use facially generated esthetic solutions using the rearview functions that superimpose the design into the patient’s facial photos. We are using 3Shape software in all aspects of treatment planning, implant placement, digital impression management, diagnostic design and final restorative design, and fabrication of complex, multi-material cases. This is a very well thought-out workflow that is making our business more profitable while maximizing the quality of treatment our patients receive.”

Matt Roberts, CDT

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