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Inside Dental Technology
November 2017
Volume 8, Issue 11

5 Reasons to buy

1. This highly translucent zirconium oxide combines high mechanical characteristics with outstanding esthetics.

2. At over 1000 MPa, its strength lies in the range of the proven Ceramill Zolid HT zirconium oxide; however, the light-optical properties surpass those of its predecessors.

3. Even large, implant-supported structures with a gingival component radiate the vitality of natural tooth substance due to their high light permeability.

4. Optimized milling processes result in even more delicate margin design, offering exceptional edge stability at the same time.

5. The combination with the Ceramill Liquid “new formula” staining solutions allows highly esthetic color shade results corresponding to the VITA classical Shade Guide.

“Ceramill Zolid HT+ combines strength and esthetics in one material. Utilizing it allows me to fabricate everything from full-contour single units in the posterior area up to full-arch hybrid restorations with just one type of zirconia. This keeps my inventory low without sacrificing my flexibility to fabricate any kind of zirconia restoration. The translucency is brilliant, achieving esthetic results impressive enough for even anterior restorations in full anatomy or cutback for porcelain layering.”

Alexander Wünsche, CDT, Owner of Zahntechnique Miami

Ceramill Zolid HT+ 


Three-point bending strength: 1100 +/-150 MPa
E-module: ≥200
Vickers hardness: 1300 +/-200
CTE: 25-500°C: 10.4 +/-0.5
Chemical solubility: <100

Amann Girrbach

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