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Inside Dental Technology
October 2017
Volume 8, Issue 10

New LOCATOR F-Tx® Fixed Attachment System Includes Instrumentation and Removal Tools with First Case

What if screws or cement were no longer needed to attach a fixed prosthesis to the abutments? What if the dentist could shorten and simplify the treatment appointment? What if the patient’s esthetics and comfort were maximized? These questions were at the foundation of the design and development of the unique and innovative LOCATOR F-Tx Fixed Attachment System from Zest Dental Solutions.

Now, LOCATOR F-Tx Instrumentation & Prosthesis Removal Tools are free with the purchase of four LOCATOR F-Tx Attachment Systems. LOCATOR F-Tx features all-in-one sterile packaging that includes everything you need: abutment (with cap to deliver the abutment to the implant site), denture attachment housing with pre-inserted processing ball plus one extra ball, and one of each blue (low), tan (medium), and green (high) retention balls.

• Fixation by a novel snap-in feature
• LOCATOR F-Tx requires no prosthetic screws
• Angulation correction up to 20° from vertical, per implant
• Stress-free passive fit

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