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Inside Dental Technology
August 2017
Volume 8, Issue 8

Explore Digital Dentistry's Next Frontier

In an industry impatient for technological solutions and intolerant of inertia, staying ahead of breakthroughs in the latest innovations has never been more important. That is why business-minded dentists and laboratory owners will be gathering in Baltimore, MD, this October 27-28 at the Lord Baltimore Hotel for an event focused solely on digital dentistry's next frontier-digital dentures.

The International Digital Denture Symposium and exhibition promises to deliver the latest developments in this rapidly changing landscape. Some of the industry's most respected and knowledgeable opinion leaders from here and abroad will be on hand to lend their expertise and experiences to help guide a deeper understanding of the clinical and technical protocols, materials development, new in-house production processes as well as outsource options, and delve into the nuances of CAD design.

This education-packed event and tradeshow is a must-see for the early adopter as well as those already invested to learn what new and emerging developments and innovations are coming to this evolving field. Presentations and workshops geared for both the practice and laboratory will guide you through the myriad workflow and material options available today. On the tradeshow floor, be among the first to learn about new FDA-cleared materials, new milling and 3D printing output options, and breakthrough technology designed to offer, for the first time, a complete digital process from the practice to the laboratory.

Digitizing the oral environment and prosthetic design to automate the production of the final full arch or partial prosthetic is undoubtedly digital dentistry's next but not last frontier to conquer. Join us and be at the forefront of this exciting venture into a process that offers more predictability, higher precision, and greater patient satisfaction.

Keynote Speakers

Jocelyne S. Feine, DDS
Can New Dental Technologies Improve Oral Health-Related Quality of Life?

Dental professionals have been trained to follow a series of protocols that require considerable time and effort when fabricating oral prosthetic devices, but new technologies can offer solutions for many of the challenges involved. As with any new healthcare technology, a Health Technology Assessment (HTA) can be utilized to consider the efficacy and effectiveness of these new options, as well as the costs and any legal or social consequences.

Charles Goodacre, DDS, MSD, FACP
From Impression to Final Denture- Workflow for the First Completely Digital Denture

Finally, there is a digital workflow for complete dentures that does not require physical impressions. The protocol combines intraoral scanning of edentulous arches to create dentures in three appointments. A patented approach is used that incorporates the intraoral scans, anatomic averages, and clinical measurements to form an esthetic wax trial denture that is evaluated and refined as needed during the second appointment. This and an interocclusal record are used to fabricate the definitive prostheses.


Lee Culp, CDT - Digital Dentures: The New Frontier

Valerie Cooper, DDS, MS - How and Why I Made the Switch to Digital Dentures

Rune Fisker - Dentures Going Digital - The Latest Innovations

Justin Marks, CDT - Open-Source Digital Dentures by Combining Available Technologies

Christopher Phelps, DMD, CMCT - Digital Dentures: Don't Get Left Behind. Why Now is the Time to Provide This Amazing Service to Your Patients

Alexander Wünsche, CDT - New Digital Denture Solutions


Michael Anger, MDT - A Laboratory Owner's Journey into Digital Dentures

Stephen F. Balshi, MBE - Making the Move to Digital Denture Technology Is a No-Brainer. Do It.

Bill Barton, MM, BS, CDT, TE - Digital Denture Professional… An Exploration into a Fully Laboratory-Based System in Digital Denture Solutions

Jim Collis, CDT - New High-Performance Polymers for a Digital Workflow

Friedhelm Klingenburg, MBA, Frank Poerschke, CDT, MDT - Digital Denture-Easy, Fast, Precise with Economic Benefit

Guillermo J. Molina, DDS - Transitioning Your Lab or Prosthodontics Practice to Digital Dentures

Craig Nelson and Andy Johnston - Introducing Scanning and 3D Printing into Your Removable Workflow

Matthew Viens - The Digital Evolution of the Complete Denture-Fabrication Process

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