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Inside Dental Technology
June 2017
Volume 8, Issue 6

Product Watch

Each of these recently launched products is ready to be used for the restorative products you fabricate. Learn more about them by using the Reader Service Card in this issue or visiting the websites below.

Utah Handpiece Repair

This unique service specializes in rebuilding cartridges, which can save your laboratory money over buying new. Some of the specific products Utah Handpiece Repair can rebuild include NSK Presto, NSK Presto Aqua, and Ney Hurricane (including Grand) cartridges. They offer 1 to 2 day turnaround, and all work is warrantied.

Helling 3D Antiglare Spray

Aurident’s Helling 3D Antiglare Spray is for defining components that are difficult to scan. The aerosol sprays a uniform layer of 2-μm-sized particles to diffract light and allow capture of critical topological details. Resulting scans display accurate edge representation and optimal polygon count in the 3D modeling software. Sprayed particles are easily removable by traditional techniques.

Ultimate Dental Milling Solution DS 220

New from Nexxus Dental is the Ultimate Dental Milling Solution DS 220. It features CAD/CAM technology and an independent CNC controller, and it “is capable of handling the most difficult materials in the dental industry.”

Lucitone HIPA

Dentsply Sirona Prosthetics recently introduced its new Lucitone® HIPA, a high impact pourable acrylic denture base that exceeds both required ISO standards for improved impact resistance. The self-curing material is designed for use in fabrication, repair, rebasing, or relining of full and partial dentures, including implant overdentures or other dental appliances. Its increased durability is meant to reduce fractures, both in the laboratory and in everyday patient usage.

E-IDB Additive Material

E-IDB, a new material for 3D printing indirect bonding trays, joins EnvisionTEC’s industry-leading dental library, including the Vida 3D printer line for dental industry, now with the high-speed cDLM model. This new product is the result of a new partnership with 3Shape, whose scanner and software work hand-in-hand with Vida for tray production.

Footsie Composite Polishers

Komet USA’s new Footsie™ composite polishers feature thick ends resembling feet. The polisher can be used on all tooth surfaces and types of restorations, including occlusal, buccal, lingual, and interproximal restorations, and can also be sterilized and reused.

Varseo S

As part of its expanding 3D printing system, BEGO’s Varseo S is the newest addition for labside restoration printing. It is joined by the extended VarseoWax material spectrum and the Otoflash unit, made specifically for the rapid and reliable light-curing of VarseoWax resins. Additionally, this system’s validated processes and the associated process documentation provide security to users that their products are “MDR ready.”

NobelProcera Implant Bridge

The new NobelProcera Implant Bridge in high-translucency multilayered zirconia offers a fast, predictable and cost-efficient solution for both dental laboratory and clinic. The angulated screw channel (ASC) innovation offers optimized occlusal access and esthetics, while the full-contour nature means the technician need only apply the finishing touches, saving valuable time.

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