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Inside Dental Technology
May 2017
Volume 8, Issue 5

Panthera Presents Two-Part Implant Bridge—The Diamart™

Since its founding, Panthera Dental has always strived not only to produce the highest-quality products, but also to develop innovative solutions to problems that have plagued dental laboratories.

The company’s newest innovation is the Diamart by Domenico Cascione, CDT.

“We have observed two major problems when fabricating implant bridges,” Panthera Dental Product Specialist and co-founder Bernard Robichaud says. “The first is the screw-channel angulation; in many cases, the channel goes in the esthetic zone, which causes problems. The second issue is the length of the cantilever. Zirconia sometimes does not allow the possibility of a longer cantilever, which can force the technician to sacrifice esthetics, functionality, or both.”

The Diamart, developed with the help of Domenico Cascione, CDT, offers a solution to these problems: a two-part implant bridge that can be milled in zirconia, Pekkton, or PMMA and is supported by a titanium implant bar.

“We separated the implant bridge and created an implant bar underneath,” Robichaud says. “Instead of needing to screw the bridge onto the implant, the technician can screw the bridge onto the titanium bar. This way, the technician controls the screw channel to ensure that it will be in the occlusal area, and the titanium bar reinforces the entire structure to allow the proper length for the cantilever.”

The easy access to the bridge increases reparability, and the Diamart comes with the option of a PMMA temporary. It is compatible with more than 450 implant platforms.

“We are really proud of the product,” Robichaud says, “and so far the reaction from customers has been amazing.”

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