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Inside Dental Technology
May 2017
Volume 8, Issue 5

Nowak Offers Personalized Service for Laboratories of All Sizes

2015 NADL Supplier of the Year works hard to help its partners succeed

By Gary Iocco

Dimension Dental Design operated as a small- to medium-sized laboratory for more than three decades before becoming part of Apex Dental Laboratory Group, which now includes 10 laboratories. Part of our business model with Apex is to provide the same high level of service as each individual laboratory previously did, while also operating with the efficiency of larger laboratories. Nowak Dental Supplies helps our laboratories achieve those goals by offering the customer service that a small laboratory needs and the capacity to accommodate a larger one.

Nowak has helped us grow by providing us with basically all of our consumables, among other products. Whether we need three or 3,000 of something, it’s not a problem. If there is a product that Nowak does not sell much of, but we want to use it more, they will stock it for us. We do not have to deal with many backorders.

Our profession includes a lot of nice suppliers, but we have a particularly great relationship with Nowak. When you call, the folks at Nowak know who you are and they take care of you. They are honest; if a product is not available, they tell you exactly why and when it will be ready, rather than trying to string you along to make a sale. Personal relationships are paramount in our profession, and just selling something is not what Nowak is about.

When we consider using a new product, we like to research it first, and Nowak helps us do that. They tell us what they have heard from other laboratories that have used those products. They never disparage anything, though; they are very professional and simply refer us to people who have had issues with the products so we can hear directly about them. Nowak also asks us about products we use, in order to provide that same type of input to other laboratories. Occasionally, CEO Shawn Nowak proactively asks us and other laboratories to try a new product, because he does not want to just take the manufacturer’s word. If he puts his name behind something, he wants to make sure it works.

We also appreciate that Nowak is one of the companies in our profession that really gives back. Shawn takes the lead and volunteers, including serving on the board for the Foundation for Dental Laboratory Technology and being instrumental in ensuring that the Race for the Future fundraiser continues.

Nowak cares about its customers and the industry, which is a main reason why it was the National Association of Dental Laboratories’ 2015 Supplier of the Year. They have helped our laboratories surpass our growth plans, and we expect them to continue serving as a strong partner in the future.

Key Takeaways

› Nowak Dental Supplies offers the customer service that a small laboratory needs and the capacity to accommodate a larger one
› Nowak shares input from other laboratories that have used certain products to help us make purchasing decisions
› Nowak was the NADL 2015 Supplier of the Year

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Nowak Dental Supplies

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