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Inside Dental Technology
November 2016
Volume 7, Issue 11

Navigating the Purchasing Pathway

Buying products today is a much simpler process than in days past yet in many ways much more complex. At our Internet-powered fingertips, we web-savvy, mobile-enabled shoppers now have a treasure trove of information at our disposal. We can research the company that makes the product capturing our interest, find extensive technical information on that product, pinpoint which sales outlets offer the best deals, read reviews and comments from users, and much more. The amount of available information and data can be overwhelming yet, without the need to get in the car to visit a brick-and-mortar store or pick up the phone to talk to a sales representative, we can purchase that product with the tap of the finger or click of a mouse and have it sent to the home or business in a matter of days. It’s become a common and efficient purchasing journey many of us navigate and complete each year.

Purchasing journeys such as these are often undertaken for products that either do not surpass a preset price threshold or for products that are tried-and-true in need of replacement or resupply. When it comes to purchasing larger, more expensive items, traversing the path to making a buying decision becomes longer and more complex because the decision calls for a greater financial commitment, which calls for greater scrutiny. To make that informed buying decision we must understand the trends currently impacting the industry; be cognizant of new and emerging technologies, materials, and techniques that may offer a competitive advantage; be able to compare the capabilities of the multitude of choices in that particular product category; and weigh the essential features of each before making an informed decision.

The purchasing journey can become overwhelming if it is up to you to keep abreast of the rapidly changing market and identify and research each of the myriad technologies, materials, and resources you are considering to purchase or access. That is why IDT tries to simplify that purchasing decision process for you by publishing the Product iNavigator each year. We compile all the new products introduced on the market in the past year for you and then segregate them into like product categories so that you can review the features and applications of all the competitive offerings in that category at a glance. For key product categories in our Materials, Bench Tools, Technology, and Resources sections, we then survey the manufacturers of these major product choices to collect the critical data you need to make an informed decision. Our Shop and Compare charts allow you to analyze and compare side-by-side the specifications, capabilities, applications, and, most importantly, the price of each to help you weigh your options and determine which best suit the needs of your business and your pocketbook.

As always we hope you find the Product iNavigator a valuable resource throughout the year as you begin to make those informed purchasing decisions that could help you grow your business and prosper throughout 2017.

Pam Johnson
Editor-in-Chief •

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