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Inside Dental Technology
October 2016
Volume 7, Issue 10

Digital Workflow, Elite Support Help Laboratory Focus on Quality

True partner provides the necessary help and attention for a growing business

By Gary Killgo, CDT

At Georgia Dental Laboratory, Inc., we strive to be an actual laboratory and not a production center. We provide our dentists with the best work possible, a philosophy that has helped us to continue to grow every month with the help of our more than 50 skilled employees. One client recently called and asked, “Can you make teeth? I’m not interested in crowns.” You need to be able to serve dentists who are looking for that quality.

We have been milling restorations in-house for quite some time because we found that the best way to produce the quality we needed was to do it ourselves. The more we delved into digital systems, however, we continued to encounter one frequent challenge: manufacturer representatives could not provide adequate support for the products that they sold. Our quest for the right partner eventually led us to 3DBioCAD. We learned quickly that they do what they say they are going to do.

We prefer to work with 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanners because we find that they produce the highest quality scans. With other scanners, we put the data in and did not seem to get good data out. The TRIOS helps us serve our customers up to our standards.

With so many cases arriving digitally, we need to print models. We started with a Stratasys Objet260 Dental Selection because of the wide range of materials it can print. We then added an Objet Eden260VS, which prints a smaller range of materials, because we did not need the selection for both. We are currently filling both machines routinely.

This digital workflow helps us serve dentists better in several ways. Time is money, and we can minimize the time that we require from the dentist by starting a case with quality scan data.Additionally, dentists like to be able to discuss a case minutes after sending it, rather than waiting until the next day for models to be poured.

3DBioCAD’s support, led by VP of Tech. Development Charles Park, allows us to focus on our cases rather than spending too much time on the machinery and software. I had been very frustrated with our previous representatives because they were just trying to sell as many units as possible. 3DBioCAD checks in on us frequently, starting with the time they ship the product. They will call to discuss issues that other users encountered with the product. The communication has just been superb. We truly have a partner, which is what this field lacks.

I recommend 3DBioCAD to other people, as well. They are good people to work with, and they take care of everything. It allows us to focus on producing the high quality work that our dentists demand.

Disclaimer: The statements and opinions contained in the preceding material are not of the editors, publisher, or the Editorial Board of Inside Dental Technology.

About the Author

Gary Killgo, CDT
Owner Operator
Georgia Dental Laboratory, Inc.
Tucker, GA

Key Takeaways

• 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanner outputs superior scan data compared with other scanners
• Stratasys 3D printers allow a complete digital workflow in-house with printed models
• Integrated digital workflow helps serve dentists efficiently
• Attentive, expert support allows the laboratory to focus on its work, not its machinery

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