Inside Dental Technology
August 2016
Volume 7, Issue 8

High-Tech Gadgets

2016's Top New Tools for Business

Technovations do not always need to be industry-specific to help your business. Here are 10 high-tech tools introduced this year that could help you run a safer, more efficient, and more effective business.

SIMPIZiTron Portable Charger

For business owners on the go, ensuring that all of your electronic devices are fully charged when you need them can be difficult. The iTron Portable Charger is a simple, convenient, and fast way to make sure that popular, everyday electronics are charged when you need them most. The device fully charges an iPhone in 5 minutes, Samsung Galaxy in 8 minutes, iPad Mini in 11 minutes, and iPad Air in 15 minutes.

Lenovo N700

Do you need to make an important business presentation? The Lenovo N700 wireless mouse easily transforms into a PowerPoint controller and laser pointer, for convenience and accessibility with complete control over your presentation.


Do your drivers spend significant amounts of pickup and delivery time in the car? THINKWARE Dash Cam is a dashboard surveillance camera designed to monitor and record all manner of traffic situations. THINKWARE features real-time impact detection, a road safety warning system, a built-in GPS, an average speed zone alert, a red light camera alert, and more.

LiveScribe 3

Many business owners still prefer the old-fashioned pen and paper to take notes during meetings. The LiveScribe pen is designed to write like a premium ballpoint pen but uses Bluetooth technology to send your notes to your smartphone or tablet, making them easily accessible to edit or share.

Helcy Laptop Case

Sitting at a desk for the majority of your workday can have a negative effect on your posture. The Helcy Laptop Case’s design allows you to adjust the height of your laptop according to your needs, enabling the natural restoration of spine alignment and improving back and neck pain.

Bitdefender Box

Bitdefender Box is an all-inclusive cybersecurity system that protects personal and professional electronic devices. It keeps all of your connected devices safe from hackers, fraud, viruses, and other online dangers. The Box app allows you to control all your devices from your smartphone, allowing you to improve system speed, locate lost devices, and stay safe.

Netatmo Security Cameras

Netatmo’s indoor and outdoor security cameras help keep your home and office space safe and under constant supervision. The Netatmo Presence outdoor camera comes with people, car, and animal detection and reports in real time if there is loitering around your home or office, a car enters the driveway, or a pet is in the yard. The Netatmo Welcome indoor camera comes with face recognition, which sends the names of the people it sees directly to your smartphone.

Moto360 Smart Watch

Customize the Moto60 Smart Watch to suit your business and personal needs. Consumers can choose from multiple case sizes, finishes, bezels, and bands. This water-resistant smart watch is compatible with both Android and iPhone, and has a battery life of up to 1.5 days, heart rate sensor, and Wi-Fi connectivity to stay in touch with any aspect of your business even on the go.

ili Wearable Translator

Communication between international business associates is now easier with ili, the world’s first wearable translator. ili’s powerful speaker clearly projects translated messages and contains its own OS, which allows it to translate words instantly without Wi-Fi or 3G. You can use it anytime, anywhere.

Energous WattUp Minature Transmitter

Charge your phone, iPad, or other small electronic devices from anywhere using the wire-free Wattup Miniature Transmitter. Offering a 15-foot radius of unplugged charging space, the transmitter can be as small as a USB thumb drive, making it easily transportable in your pocket, purse, or briefcase, or placed strategically in your office so your devices never run out of juice.

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