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Inside Dental Technology
June 2016
Volume 7, Issue 6

High Quality, Low Prices for Implant Components

Medentika offers top-notch abutments, Ti bases, and more

By John Verogos, RDT

I was first introduced to the Medentika line of implant components when a representative from the Canadian distributor, Abutment Direct, visited my laboratory almost four years ago. I had been using OEM implant components from major implant manufacturers, but those were expensive.

The price of the Medentika components was the first thing that caught my attention. Quality is extremely important, but Medentika offered the same—in some cases better—quality than the components I had been using, at a significantly lower price.

Since I started ordering from Medentika, I have had absolutely no problems. All of their parts are extremely high quality, and my dentists have been impressed. The precision meets my laboratory’s high standards, and the components are compatible with all major implant systems.

One of the most important things Medentika does is listen to its client base. When I or other dental technicians make suggestions, Medentika has displayed a willingness to make modifications to some of its abutments and Ti bases.

I primarily use Medentika’s Ti bases for zirconia substructures over top. I have had a lot of success with them, fabricating a large number of units. The length is good and they come in different standard heights and different marginal heights.

Medentika’s workflow has been extremely beneficial for my laboratory. Most of my cases are handled digitally here in Canada, and Medentika’s components are conducive to that. With the solid titanium scan bodies on the model, I get accurate and consistent scans. We can either utilize the DME library or scan the Ti base manually if we have to modify them, which rarely happens. I design and mill everything in-house, and everything comes out very precise and absolutely beautiful.

I have used third-party milling centers in the past, and what you think you see on the screen is not always the same as the product you receive in three dimensions. Having the ability and control is invaluable, and using high-quality components helps make that possible.

Another benefit of our partnership with Medentika is its innovative full-arch restorative options. Utilizing MedentiLOC abutments, I have found a consistent provider of Locator®-type abutments for all of the major implant manufacturers. Coupled with the innovative and durable Novaloc Housing system, a denture now has the option of lasting longer due to the PEEK retention inserts. In addition, MedentiBASE multi-unit abutments allow me to restore full-arch cases with simplicity, ease, and flexibility.

Now that Medentika is available in the US through Instradent, I would highly recommend that laboratories try their components. The combination of low prices and high quality is unmatched and has been a huge asset for my laboratory.

Disclaimer: The statements and opinions contained in the preceding material are and not of the editors, publisher, or the Editorial Board of Inside Dental Technology.

Key Takeaways

• Similar or better quality compared with other manufacturers
• Low prices without sacrificing quality
• Client input is used to improve products
• Innovative full-arch restorative options including MedentiLOC abutments, Novaloc
• Housing system, and MedentiBASE multi-unit abutments

John Verogos, RDT
Alfa Ceramics
Winnipeg, Manitoba

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