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Inside Dental Technology
November 2015
Volume 6, Issue 10

High Velocity

New products are coming to market faster, adoption cycles for new innovations shortening, and the entry-point game changing. What was once considered a business strategy for only the early adopter has now exploded into an adopt-or-die business environment as the market makes abrupt swings. The question now for those considering taking the plunge is not as narrowly focused on ROI as it is on, “How early can I get in the game and capture market share before my competitors do?” Consider the disrupting effect monolithic zirconia has had on the indirect market. Before full contour made its debut, metal was still king and the layered zirconia coping market a minority player with a marred history of success. In a matter of a few months to a year, the monolithic market rapidly took off, going from a select few adopters and customers to becoming a majority stakeholder and dominating the industry. Overnight (in dental terms) the entire indirect materials market had turned upside down and inside out.

This type of disruption is becoming more commonplace in every segment of the industry that is impacted by technology, in particular digitally driven technologies. Software upgrades no longer wait for users to integrate and master the last iteration but follow on a continuous belt of development and expansion. New milling and 3D printing machines with the capability to handle more complex indications, a multiplicity of materials, and even offer finishing cycles, ignite users of yesterday’s machines to quickly upgrade or purchase new. Owning multiple units to access new markets, create a redundancy safeguard, or expand production capacity is now the new norm.

With so many new advancements hitting the market at any given time, it is little wonder that laboratory professionals are having difficulty staying on top of them all. That is why IDT publishes the Product iNavigator each November. We understand how burdensome it would be to research each of the myriad materials, technologies, bench tools, and production centers now playing in this market. So we have done the research for you so that you can make an informed purchasing decision. IDT surveyed the manufacturers of key digital components to compile the data you need to know before you make any large capital investment commitment. Our Shop and Compare charts offer the ability to compare side-by-side each of the products available in a specific category and then assess those capabilities to meet the needs of your business. To read more about a particular product, find it within the showcase pages, which are organized alphabetically by manufacturer, and then go to the manufacturer’s website, or better yet contact the manufacturer for more information.

We hope you find this annual reference resource useful throughout the year as you keep tabs on and identify the direction the dental industry is headed and prepare your businesses to take advantage of these market changes. One thing is for certain: Innovation never ceases.

Pam Johnson

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