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Inside Dental Technology
November 2015
Volume 6, Issue 10

ArgenZ Anterior: Cosmetic Zirconia for the Esthetic Zone

New material exhibits increased translucency, 765 MPa flexural strength

Argen’s new ArgenZ Anterior Super Translucent Zirconia gives the dental laboratory an exciting all-ceramic alternative to lithium disilicate. Dentists and patients alike will love the esthetic results of this super-translucent zirconia, which boasts a 25% increase in translucency over high-translucency zirconia and a flexural strength of 765 MPa. The composition of ArgenZ Anterior includes cubic zirconia, which adds a crystalline structure to the material. This crystalline structure refracts light, creating an optical effect closely mimicking the appearance of natural teeth. The result is increased vitality and lifelike restorations, making ArgenZ Anterior a perfect solution for anterior and premolar restorations.

ArgenZ Anterior is available to the dental laboratory through Argen Digital in 3-unit full contour anterior bridges and single-unit posterior full-contour crowns. Laboratories submit files for manufacturing through or directly from 3Shape’s Dental Manager using Argen’s automated file upload system, ArgenLink. With quick turnaround times, laboratories receive milled units in just 2 business days.

Argen Digital offers a full range of restorative and cosmetic zirconia solutions to fulfill the demands of your dentists, including super-translucent ArgenZ Anterior, shaded and white ArgenZ Esthetic HT, and high-strength materials. To learn more about ArgenZ Anterior and Argen’s complete line of zirconia products, contact Argen Digital.

Argen Digital

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