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Inside Dental Technology
October 2015
Volume 6, Issue 10

Quality Attachments for All Situations

Innovative products help laboratories for a wide variety of indications

By David Santopietro

Attachments are a small part of our business at Biogenic Dental Lab, but they play an important role, so we need a manufacturer we can rely on to provide us with quality parts.

I started using Rhein83 parts when American Recovery introduced me to them approximately 15 years ago. My strong relationship with American Recovery began with their refining business, so when they introduced us to the Rhein83 product line from Italy, we gradually incorporated their different attachments into our production processes.

The quality of Rhein83 attachments has always stood out from those of other manufacturers. They are accurate and precise to the micron. The male parts currently being used in our laboratory are mostly castable male components that we can cast into our alloy. The female parts we use for manufacturing removable partial dentures and full dentures are titanium or stainless steel, and elastic nylon retentive caps go into them. The company offers a nice variety of attachments to choose from, and I have never had any trouble with any of them.

Rhein83 attachments also come with an extremely helpful and informative catalog that details and guides each procedure with a very simple and easy to follow bullet-point format. If you need more information or assistance, technical help is available over the phone. Many of the products also have technical videos on the company’s website. The product is so good that I have rarely ever needed to make that phone call, but when I have, their technical representatives have always been available immediately and very helpful.

Rhein83 offers attachments to fit almost any situation that could possibly arise in the dental industry.

The company is innovative and offers solutions that are different from most other attachment companies. For example, they have parts that fit over a worn-out ball or into a distal ring style attachment. When abutments and ball attachments wear, the ball no longer has a radius on the sides for a cap to adhere to. Rhein83 offers a hollow ball that fits over and rebuilds the ball.

They offer 4 types of implant overdenture abutments, including 3 spherical systems and the low-profile Equator abutment system.

In addition, 3 attachment options for CAD/CAM milled bars are available: 2 size ball attachments and the low-profile and compact Equator with a standard 2-mm threaded configuration.

At Biogenic, we use many of their parts for our titanium implant bars, which are laser-welded or milled. We frequently use their ball or cap attachments and OT Strategy to laser-weld the bar.

One of Rhein83’s products helped me even though I never personally used it. One of my dentist-clients had a problem with a broken screw inside of an implant that he could not remove. I recommended Rhein83’s broken screw extractor. By helping him, I helped myself. Whenever you are able to solve problems for dentists, they come back to you again and again.

Disclaimer: The statements and opinions contained in the preceding material are not of the editors, publisher, or the Editorial Board of Inside Dental Technology.

Key Takeaways

› Attachments for almost any situation, accurate and precise to the micron.
› Procedural catalog uses bullet points to detail each procedure in a simple, easy-to-follow manner.
› Technical support is rarely needed but always available.
› Innovations can help impress dentist-clients.

Manufacturer Contact Information

Rhein83 USA

David Santopietro
Biogenic Dental Lab
Utica, New York

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