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Inside Dental Technology
October 2015
Volume 6, Issue 10

Creating Savings with Standardized Costs on Implant Components

Remaining profitable has become increasingly challenging in recent years for dental laboratories, so Zahn Dental developed a new solution for cutting costs in implant cases.

The Zirlux Prosthetic Component System is a comprehensive implant solution for all major implant brands. The system offers standardized costs for all parts based on the individual component, allowing laboratories to set a fee schedule in accordance with each procedure and be assured of their profit margin before starting the case.

“When laboratories work on implant cases, the main obstacle is determining how to create a fixed cost on their implant parts,” says Jason Rogers, Restorative Sales Manager for Henry Schein. “The cost varies depending on which implant system is being restored. That cost will dictate, subsequently, what the laboratory needs to bill the dentist in order to make a profit.”

With the new Zirlux Prosthetic Component System, analog abutments, titanium bases, multi-unit abutments, etc. all cost the same.

“We have given the power back to the laboratory to accurately price out a case ahead of time,” Rogers says.

Rogers calls it a basic manufacturing approach to minimize costs and pass those savings on to the customer.

“Many third-party implant manufacturers do not have complete compatibility either with the major brands or with some of the interfaces. Therefore, the cost to manufacture those third-party parts is more expensive on one system versus another,” Rogers says. “Essentially, we have decided to create a standardized cost across the board so that laboratories can increase their profitability by standardizing their costs.”

Laboratories, Rogers says, no longer need to work based on segmented product profitability.

“Laboratories seeking to increase their implant business should start with their current caseload,” he says. “They can make their current cases more profitable by adding new products and services. We are moving away from that old thought process of product profitability, and are now looking at procedural profitability.”

Using this mentality, instead of looking to develop new business by acquiring new clients, laboratories now can simply improve their own processes. Rogers says it is a company-wide idea that he expects other manufacturers to adopt.

“You do not necessarily need the latest and greatest widget,” Rogers says. “You can use something tried and true that works, but we can make it easier and more efficient, and just take a smarter approach.”

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