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Inside Dental Technology
February 2015
Volume 6, Issue 2

Workflow Integration Through Outsourcing

From CAD to SLM, Wieland Precision Technology is your digital solution

Assisting you in growing your business and managing the rapidly changing new technologies and materials, Wieland Precision Technology, an Ivoclar Vivadent group company, provides full-service laboratory support by milling permanent, provisional, complex, and implant-screwed-retained restorations, as well as long-span bridges. Working with Wieland Precision Technology enables laboratories to improve efficiency, reduce overhead, and deliver accurate, detailed, highly esthetic restorations. Wieland Precision Technology is a DAMAS-certified facility. This gives you the peace of mind that the company has dedication and commitment to providing a high-quality process throughout the infrastructure with each unit manufactured and delivered in a timely fashion.

Wieland Precision Technology offers a full portfolio of digital alloy options in addition to its selection of digital all-ceramic choices (e.g., zirconia, lithium disilicate). Digital alloy options include CAD/Casting and selective laser-melted restorations powered by Bego and delivered by Wieland Precision Technology. Laboratories can select from Callisto® CPG, Harmony® 2, and Evolution® Lite for CAD/Casting applications. Selective laser melting materials include BegoPal®+ and Wirobond® C+ and arrive at your laboratory ready for your final finishing, degassing, or polishing.

At Wieland Precision Technology, customer service goes beyond using the highest quality and most advanced, proven materials. A team of experienced sales and digital milling professionals supports laboratories, guided by a mandate to be the digital outsource partner for productivity. This has been, and will continue to be, focused on assisting laboratories in growing their business.

With that goal in mind, Wieland Precision Technology partnered with Bego USA to deliver outstanding restorations to laboratories for finishing. Selective laser melting from Bego USA contributes to restorations with higher tensile strength, elongation limits, and modulus elasticity properties. It melts alloy powder into thin layers, creating quality homogenous copings and bridges.

By partnering with Wieland Precision Technology, laboratories avoid maintaining a large inventory of alloy materials, yet can still provide these milling options for their customers. Outsourcing these restorations further allows laboratories to focus on other aspects of their business, with Wieland handling milling of precise and customized restorations. This extends to using Wieland Precision Technology services for overcapacity work, large bridges, and complex cases. Here you will save on labor time and laboratory processing time, thus eliminating the additional burden on your mill and risk for breakage of tooling and materials.

How It Works

Providing laboratories with support and a variety of material options, Wieland Precision Technology offers assistance every step of the way when creating restorations. Simply call Wieland Precision Technology to set up your scanner with the necessary parameters. Then, you can send your STL design files to Wieland Precision Technology, where the files are reviewed for accuracy and quality control. Because no two digital files are the same, Wieland Precision Technology works with every customer individually to ensure their parameters and restorations fit. This ensures that the uniqueness of every case is reflected in every single restoration. Wieland Precision Technology will then process your all-ceramic, CAD/Cast, or selective laser-melted restoration, after which it will be shipped to arrive at your laboratory.

Digital Milling Resource and Training Center

Wieland Precision Technology understands that if a milling machine goes down, your business can’t afford to fall behind in production. The new Wieland Service and Support Network is an all-encompassing group of support mechanisms designed to help you keep your laboratory functioning and productive during your system service period. This support network allows laboratories that own a Wieland CAD/CAM system to send their digital mill files to Wieland Precision Technology, where all Wieland restorations will then be milled at no charge while the system is under warranty.

Wieland Precision Technology also supports laboratories with backup milling services at a reduced charge once their Wieland CAD/CAM system is out of warranty. Taking advantage of this service enables you to continue offering your customers the same quality products and service they’ve come to expect without interruption, so there are no delays in your laboratory production.

What Real Technicians Are Saying

Listen to what Jeremy Salo, Vice President of Operations at Doctors Dental Laboratory, Inc. in Minnetonka, Minnesota, has to say

What led you to use Wieland Precision Technology (WPT)?

Our laboratory is switching over to all digital operations, and we were looking for ways to improve our efficiency. We saw a brochure for WPT and decided to give it a try to see if the results were beneficial to our laboratory.

What has your experience been with WPT?

WPT has exceeded our expectations, especially in consistency. The process is so simple, and utilizing a digital system minimizes the necessary in-house labor. When we receive the restorations, there is little coping and framing we have to do. We simply send the files to WPT and receive the restorations in just a couple of days to finish them.

What do you think of the Bego alloys that WPT processes?

While we use the zirconia and lithium disilicate options when our laboratory is overloaded, our primary experience with WPT has been with the Bego alloys. We are consistently impressed with the quality of the restorations, and outsourcing allows us to concentrate on the overall finish, function, and esthetics. Now, we can avoid maintaining an inventory of alloy materials, eliminating the cost of storing the alloy and eliminating the excess alloy waste necessary to create a restoration.

Describe the quality of the restorations you receive.

WPT has surpassed our expectations in its ability to deliver consistent restorations. The fit and thickness of the restorations have been ideal, allowing us to concentrate on the overall finished product. Our customers have been very pleased with the consistency of each restoration, saving them valuable chairtime because of the accurate fit.

How would you describe WPT’s customer support?

Although we haven’t had a problem with any of the restorations we have received, we find the support team has been quick to answer every question we’ve had, eliminating any waiting period for milling our restorations.

How has working with WPT affected your laboratory’s bottom line?

By outsourcing to WPT, we can offer our customers a quicker turnaround time, take on more cases, and focus more on the finished product. We have improved our ability to track production and save money by improving efficiency and reducing overhead, while still offering consistent, precise, and highly esthetic restorations.

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