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Inside Dental Technology
November 2014
Volume 5, Issue 11

An interview with Mark Palmer

Mark Palmer is President and CEO of 360imaging, now providing laboratories an expanded line of guided surgery products and services.

Inside Dental Technology (IDT): The implant market is projected to be the fastest growing segment in dentistry over the next decade and beyond. What impact will guided surgery have on the dental laboratories that are working with implant technology?

Mark Palmer (MP): Dental laboratories will experience increased revenue and profit through the addition of new products such as implant surgical guides, custom abutments, and provisional crowns. As dental clinicians become more confident in their implant procedural skills with the help of surgical guides, laboratories will experience an increased volume of business from their customers. Having guided surgery capabilities in the laboratory also will open new doors into the specialist market for them to grow the specialty segment of their businesses. Guided surgery also will be key for establishing a collaborative relationship with the laboratory’s current clients and new customers to become the true and complete solution for these clinicians’ implant needs.

IDT: Where do you see the most opportunities for business growth for laboratories that do get involved with guided surgery?

MP: The increased use of guided surgery for implant cases will create additional revenue sources for laboratories through fabrication of surgical guides, provisional crowns, and custom abutments. It also will create the opportunity for laboratories to become integral partners during the treatment planning phase of implant placement and the restorative process.

IDT: How will guided surgery impact the treatment cycle for the clinicians and the patients?

MP: Through the use of guided surgery, clinicians will have decreased surgical times and decreased chair times, and it will maximize profitability. Clinicians can increase patient acceptance by presenting their treatment plan to their patient prior to the procedure. Guided surgery is a huge benefit to the patient as well as the clinician. The implant surgery is less intrusive, more predictable, and more successful than unguided surgeries. Patients also experience higher rates of satisfaction as provisional crowns provide esthetic and functional comfort.

IDT: What digital technologies will most influence guided surgery and treatment planning solutions in the future?

MP: The development of powerful software that is used to combine three of the hottest and most advanced digital technologies is the driver of influence in this category. The technological advances in CBCT scanning, digital impression technology, and 3D printing will allow these three digital technologies to be integrated through powerful software solutions for the diagnostic and treatment planning phases of implant cases and to export those files for the production of surgical guides and the restorative components of the case. Our 360dps combines these technologies and as these technologies become more advanced, our software will become more powerful. Currently, 360dps software has the capability to import a DICOM image from a CBCT scan, import data from a digital impression scanner, and combine that data for export to a 3D printer for production of a 360dps surgical guide.

IDT: What is the end goal for 360imagining and where you would like to be positioned in the dental industry?

MP: 360imaging is the world leader in guided surgery. As such, we want to bring new technologies to the laboratories that will benefit them, their doctors, and their patients. Our ultimate goal is to provide an integral tool for every implant case around the world.

IDT: What will drive the adoption of this technology over the next 3-5 years?

MP: Ease of use and affordability are the biggest drivers. Our success has been driven by creation of the most user-friendly and most affordable solution on the market. Through our partnership with Zahn Dental, we hope to increase our laboratory network, which will help improve service and cement the use of surgical guides in all implant cases.

IDT: Why was it important for 360imaging to work with a total solution provider like Zahn Dental?

MP: We are excited to work with a recognized leader and provider of products and services in the healthcare industry. Zahn Dental’s complete digital technology portfolio enables dental laboratories to increase their digital workflow and offer more products and services to the clinical market. As the leader in providing integrated solutions to the dental laboratory industry, Zahn will be instrumental for us in working with and assisting dental laboratories and 360imaging’s preferred technology partners to further penetrate the guided surgery field quickly, profitably and with confidence.

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