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Inside Dental Technology
October 2014
Volume 5, Issue 10

Your Digital Outsourcing Resource

The technology partner for your laboratory

As a 30-year veteran of the dental industry and a visionary, Robert Miller knew the laboratory business was about to be digitized. Having the insight to embrace digital technology from its inception, Miller founded Custom Milling Center (CMC) in 2005 to provide the digital outsourcing solution he knew would be critical for laboratories to adopt in order to remain relevant in the ever-shifting digital landscape. By choosing a vertically integrated approach, CMC is able to offer the widest range of restorative options, cost-effective pricing, and 24-hour in-laboratory turnaround times.

Outsourced Solutions for All

Undoubtedly, digital workflow has changed the dynamic of the dental industry. Most laboratory owners are asking themselves not whether they should outsource, but rather how much of their workload they should outsource. By partnering with CMC, dental laboratories are able to offer an expanded line of restorative products to their clients. In addition, laboratories do not have to purchase expensive equipment that might not be used frequently enough to yield a return on investment. In essence, CMC allows dental laboratories the ability to enjoy a variable cost model versus a large fixed-cost model. Each of these factors ultimately leads to a laboratory being able to offer the top three things a dentist expects when choosing a laboratory: consistent high-quality work, extensive options, and reasonable prices.

CMC is able to support a laboratory irrespective of which stage of the digital workflow it is in, whether that be scan, design, milling, or finishing. For laboratories that have yet to enter the digital workflow, CMC provides scan and design services. For laboratories that have invested in scanning technology but lack milling capabilities, CMC provides a vast array of milling solutions for their restorative needs. Even those laboratories that have made capital investments in scan and mill equipment can benefit from CMC’s assistance with overflow, equipment downtime, or those product options that their equipment can’t produce such as precision milled bars, patient-specific abutments, and printed models. CMC offers more than milling by providing a suite of comprehensive solutions that you would expect from a vertically integrated outsourcing center.

Expanded Finishing Services

In our continuing efforts to provide value-added services, CMC now offers complete finishing services. These services include stain and glaze for simple crowns and bridges along with more complex solutions such as the application of pink porcelain to our Pearl® Screw Retained Bridge to simulate natural tissue.

Technical Support

Everyone sells a scanner today, but whom you buy it from matters. At CMC, we understand this and provide all of the resources you need to ensure you maximize your investment. We provide vast technical resources such as additional training videos through our website,, and even collaborative remote technical support. As a leader in 3Shape scanner sales and support, we offer advanced 3Shape training that will ensure you are maximizing your scanner to its full potential to keep you ahead of the competition.

Experience the CMC Difference

Whether you are a large laboratory or a small one, CMC has the knowledge, restorative options, technology, and staff in place to help you enhance your productivity and supply your clients with a competitive edge that other laboratories simply can’t provide. A large portion of this competitive edge comes from the convergence manufacturing that CMC has in place through our proprietary CAD/CAM technology that enhances the quality and design of dental restorations. It is through this commitment to technology that CMC enables laboratories to meet their most important business objectives: increased productivity, faster turnaround times, greater profitability, and improved customer satisfaction.

“Our No. 1 goal at Custom Milling is to be a partner to laboratories so we can help them grow and expand their business,” said Bob Miller, founder of Custom Milling Center. “As an extension of our laboratory partners’ business, we essentially act as their research and development company as we are always evaluating and investing in robust technological solutions for them to tap into and benefit from.”

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