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Inside Dental Technology
October 2014
Volume 5, Issue 10

Expansion Modules for Ceramill Mind

Helping laboratories keep pace with evolving market demand

Like every component of the fully integrated Ceramill desktop CAD/CAM solution, the system's Ceramill Mind CAD software was created by Amann Girrbach to meet the sophisticated needs of dental laboratories. Built around a traditional laboratory workflow, Ceramill Mind gives technicians the ability to design and produce the types of large, complex restorations that are far beyond the range of scaled-down, simplified systems.

Ceramill Mind also responds to the technical, operational, and business needs of dental laboratories and their customers through its use of an open interface, which increases the system’s flexibility by enabling the sharing of STL files with other open CAD/CAM systems.

To help laboratories keep pace with evolving market demands, Amann Girrbach is constantly expanding Ceramill Mind’s capabilities with industry-leading expansion modules—giving laboratories the power to make even more of the restorations their customers demand. With the expansion modules, laboratories can use Ceramill materials and the Ceramill Motion 2 mill in new ways to continually open different revenue streams and increase their profitability.

Ceramill M-Plant

The Ceramill M-Plant software expansion module allows technicians to use Ceramill Mind to design custom hybrid abutments and screw-retained bridges for production using Ceramill Zolid translucent zirconia and Ceramill Ti-Forms titanium abutment blanks. The software module facilitates the design and production of all components of an implant prosthesis in a single step, including abutments, anatomical frameworks, and, if necessary, wax frameworks for the overpress technique.

The perfect matching of the software to the titanium bases increases precision and processing safety, and the emergence profile of the abutment can be custom-designed to ensure outstanding esthetics.

Ceramill M-Bar

With the Ceramill M-Bar module, laboratories can add individually designed, screw-retained passive bars on conical titanium bases to their in-house offerings. Ceramill M-Bar supports various bar designs, and the bars can be fabricated in house from Ceramill Wax or Ceramill Sintron® millable chrome cobalt using the Motion 2 5-axis mill.

Ceramill M-Bar is optimized to work in conjunction with the Ceramill M-Plant abutment software module and Ceramill conical titanium bases for maximum efficiency and precision. The module’s ability to adjust cross-sections, shapes, and geometry while designing bars eliminates time-consuming manual modeling.

Ceramill M-Splint

The Ceramill M-Splint module has been developed specifically for the design and fabrication of individual therapeutic splints. Splints designed with M-Splint can be fabricated from approved PMMA blanks—including Ceramill Splintec—using the Ceramill Motion 2 5-axis mill.

By eliminating the manual splint fabrication process, Ceramill M-Splint saves time and minimizes exposure to harmful fumes, while also allowing the use of high-quality, industrially manufactured splint material that reduces discoloration and plaque deposits.

Individually adjustable design parameters in the software reduce the need for manual finishing. By using the Ceramill Artex® virtual articulator, technicians can achieve even more precise occlusal contacts and guarantee a proper functional design.

Ceramill Microshell

Ceramill Microshell offers a new option for faster chairside fabrication of patient-specific temporaries for immediate restorations. Using the system, the diagnostic model of the unprepared teeth is scanned, and a virtual preparation line is marked paragingivally on the scanned model. Then the temporary shell is fabricated with the pre-preparation thickness and contours of the patient’s teeth. After tooth preparation, the shell is used to quickly fabricate the temporary restoration. The result is a fast, thin, patient-specific temporary with excellent esthetics.

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