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Inside Dental Technology
January 2014
Volume 5, Issue 1

KDF’s Neo Super Cascom Casting Machine

A simple way to achieve high quality casting results

As the popularity of CAD/CAM systems increase, many dental technicians are starting to believe that the casting market is shrinking, or define casting as an “old method.” However, for patients seeking low prices and durability, porcelain-fused-metal (PFM) crowns and implants can offer an ideal solution. Casting is an integral part of meeting these patients’ needs.

KDF’s Neo Super Cascom casting machine consistently provides technicians with high quality casting results and simplifies dental casting methods. The Neo Super Cascom does not require any training or special skill sets to operate—simply press the buttons to start the casting process.

Good for Business

From a business point of view, laboratories must optimize workflow efficiency and minimize the number of miscasts to avoid lost money and time. When using traditional methods, technicians may find that the casting process is fraught with adversity and may slow down production procedures. One commonly encountered challenge is porosity caused by overheating alloys. In order to prevent such porosity, the Neo Super Cascom offers users precise temperature control with a ceramic heater element that allows technicians to accurately adjust melt temperature by 1° C or F. This feature helps to avoid overheating and minimize porosity. In addition to superior temperature control, the ceramic heater’s airtight design allows for an MPa of .44 during the casting process, creating a significantly denser casting with razor sharp margins.

The Neo Super Cascom is available in an attractive, compact desktop size of 20 x 21 x 20 inches. It does not require any extra space for installation, does not use more than 200V of electricity, and is air (not water) cooled, making it an ideal solution for laboratories with limited space and resources.

The Neo Super Cascom is also capable of casting wide range of alloys including silver, gold, precious metals, semi-precious metals, and chrome-cobalt to fabricate inlays, crowns, implants, and partial frameworks. Its maximum melting capacity is 150 grams (5 oz), allowing technicians to even cast full mouth cases.

Everyday Use

Jungo Endo, a former UCLA instructor, member of Oral Design Santa Monica, and owner of Jungo Endo Dental Studio in Santa Monica, CA, is known in the dental industry for the high quality of his products, as well as sharing for his experience, skill set, and knowledge in lectures and hands-on workshops. Endo is an avid user of the Neo Super Cascom, and he cites three main reasons why the casting machine is a piece of essential equipment in his laboratory. First is the consistency of casting, which is a critical point for his work. Since incorporating the Neo Super Cascom into his laboratory’s workflow, Endo was able to input programming parameters for each metal, and now he only needs to press the buttons to cast. His end result is consistently excellent, and nearly entirely devoid of miscasts. Second is the efficiency of Endo’s laboratory operation. Since the installation of Neo Super Cascom, Endo no longer needs to cast by himself. His technicians are now casting on a daily basis, even for large implant cases, without any concerns. Endo’s final reason for using the Neo Super Cascom is its cost-effectiveness. For laboratory owners, miscasts are entirely unacceptable, as they compromise the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the laboratory. With the Neo Super Cascom, much less time is wasted recasting miscasts, increasing his profit margins.

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