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Inside Dental Technology
December 2013
Volume 4, Issue 12

Summit and Summit Press Furnaces

High-quality laboratory equipment that won’t break the bank

Manufactured and assembled in Richardson, Texas, IBEX Dental Technologies’ Summit and Summit Press furnaces provide users with the consistent and predictable firings and pressings normally associated with high-dollar, imported furnaces at a price point only a small step above low-cost, domestically manufactured furnaces.

Unique to Summit furnaces, a patented Radiance Ring™ muffle design provides unparalleled evenness of temperature over the entire firing tray, ensuring that there are never any cold or hot spots to work around. Thus, large units and multiple cases fire evenly and consistently regardless of their location within the unit. The Radiance Ring is made from a special high-temperature resistant metal, and is precisely situated next to the heating coals, allowing its outer face to absorb the coils radiant energy. Through the metal's relatively low thermal transfer coefficient, the energy distributes itself evenly over the entire ring and finally is re-emitted, or radiated. Combining this unique muffle design with the latest in state-of-the-art technology, IBEX is able to offer the technician a furnace that is designed to provide exceptionally consistent, predictable firings. In addition, there are no subtle variances in firings due to temperature or humidity changes, which, in combination with the highly-stable muffle, means that Summit furnaces never need calibration.

With touch screen operation, the Summit offers dental technicians an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface. All firing or pressing program parameters are entered from one screen, making program entry quick and simple. With an 8 programs-per-screen arrangement and 10 screens total, users can input up to 80 different programs in one Summit furnace. All program parameters are editable during the running of a cycle, as a parameters screen similar to the screen used in creating a new program allows for “On the Fly” editing. A full set of “User Settings” and diagnostic features are available from the “Utilities” menu, allowing users to customize the furnace performance.

Additional features include a quick-cooling fan, which is tangentially mounted to the muffle to draw the hot air out in a uniform flow, thus lowering the overall muffle temperature. This method reduces refire times by 50% or more. Additionally, a reduction in drying time can be achieved by using the extracted heat from the muffle to preheat and dry the next case. Note, this feature works with firing cycles only and is inactive during pressing cycles. Included is a USB port for the quick downloading and uploading of your programs. The USB port is also used for easy operating system upgrades.

For the laboratory owner, manager, and technician who are looking for the most from their equipment dollars, the IBEX Summit and Summit Press furnaces truly offer top quality and performance at a reasonable price.

Key Takeaways

High-quality equipment at a reasonable price
Patented Radiance Ring™ muffle design provides unparalleled evenness of temperature
Intuitive and easy-to-use touch screen operation
Quick cooling fan reduces refire times by 50% or more

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IBEX Dental Technologies
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