Inside Dental Technology
April 2013
Volume 4, Issue 4

The Ceramill Motion 2 Mill

A precise and versatile new cnc mill with hybrid 5-axis wet/dry processing in an open architecture system

Amann Girrbach America’s new Motion 2 mill, developed exclusively for digital dentistry, allows dental laboratories of all sizes to quickly, easily, and economically fabricate exceptionally precise esthetic restorations. The Motion 2 can be used for a broad range of indications including full-contour crowns and bridges, inlays, onlays, veneers, abutments, zirconia frameworks, as well as full-arch restorations.

The Motion 2 can process today’s most high-tech materials such as Ceramill Zolid or ZI zirconia, PMMA, and the new Sintron® “wax-like” CrCo, plus glass ceramics, VITABLOCS® Mark II and TriLuxe forte (Vident, www.vident.com), and now lithium disilicate. Built on a modular platform, the Motion 2 is designed for longevity—it is easily upgradable and ready for expansion to accommodate tomorrow's materials and indications. It is compatible with the latest high-performance open scanning equipment such as Amann Girrbach’s new Ceramill Map400 scanner, the iTero™ intraoral scanner (Align Technology, www.aligntech.com) plus 3Shape (www.3Shape.com) and Dental Wings (www.dental-wings.com) scanners, providing the flexibility to seamlessly process all imported or modified .stl files.

The new Ceramill Motion 2 features all of the proven precision components of the Ceramill Motion 1, plus state-of-the-art 5-axis simultaneous milling and grinding technology, allowing clinicians to capture precise esthetic and functional detail from every possible angle. A 5-axis machine adds 2 rotating axes to the normal 3 axes, so it can handle asymmetric and eccentric turning—giving the Ceramill Motion 2 an unlimited indication range. Providing a full 5 axes also improves accuracy, scope, speed, and cost-effectiveness. The Motion 2 features a robust Jäger® high frequency spindle, which delivers the precision needed for quality fabrication. And it incorporates new Speed Boost™ milling strategies to ensure reduced processing times and maximum productivity.

Perhaps the Motion 2’s greatest benefit is its unique hybrid design, which gives technicians a choice of wet or dry material appropriate processing in a single machine. The wet milling function is optimal for PMMA, while Sintron®, zirconia, and wax call for dry milling. And when using glass ceramics or lithium disilicate, wet grinding delivers the best results. The laboratory technician can easily change between wet and dry modes by exchanging the blank holder depending upon the materials required.

The Ceramill Motion 2 is very user-friendly, with an intuitive software interface and built-in features like automatic tool length measurement, broken tool detection and an automatic tool changer, interchangeable blank holders to accommodate specific materials and indications, and a suction cup system to increase power and reduce water spray and/or dust.

The Ceramill Motion 2 unit is small enough to fit into virtually any laboratory, and it packs tremendous power into its compact 23.15” x 20.32” x 29.72”, 172-pound footprint with an impressive 60,000-rpm motor and a compressor capable of delivering 87 psi/50 L/min. And, it operates at a whisper-quiet 60 decibels.

The Motion 2 milling unit is just one part of the complete Ceramill CAD/CAM System which also includes industry-leading scanners, design software, and materials—all working together to create a fully integrated, highly efficient digital dentistry solution designed to meet the evolving manufacturing demands of today’s laboratories.

The Motion 2, is designed, engineered, and manufactured by Amann Girrbach. This single-source accountability continues through the sales process and extends through service, support, training, and continuing education, so technicians deal directly with just one company for all of their needs.

For more information, contact:

Amann Girrbach America
P 800-851-3719
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E info@AmannGirrbachAmerica.com

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