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Inside Dental Technology
January 2013
Volume 4, Issue 1

IDT on the Move

We’ve been busy this past year! As you can see we have created a new look and a new size for IDT. We also completed our Business Publication Audit (BPA) initiative, which is the first of its kind for publications serving the dental technology industry. But most exciting, is our announcement that IDT will be hosting an event in November of 2013!

First, why the size change? Simple. Reader request. Aegis Communications, publisher of our sister dental magazines (Inside Dentistry and Compendium) conducted an across-the-board survey of the profession’s readership asking what format best fit your reading lifestyle and size preference. Overwhelmingly the answer was a smaller format in the style of Compendium, one that allowed easy carry in a briefcase and would stand upright in a bookcase for easy reference. That response and the downsize necessitated a redesign to better reflect the look and feel of a publication that primarily focuses on a deeper dive into issues impacting the industry rather than timely information that often is yesterday’s news when the new issue hits your desk. Following the current trends in magazine publishing, we believe breaking- and timely-news is much better served by our daily posts on and

The BPA Audit initiative that we undertook more than a year ago was not borne out of necessity but rather integrity. In keeping with all the clinical publications serving the dental market, we believe that it is important to verify that those receiving IDT are indeed qualified readers engaged in the ownership or management of a dental laboratory. The process was completed this fall and we can now say with certainty that there are 18,100 laboratory owners, managers, and educators receiving IDT.

Last, but most exciting, is the news announcing IDT’s Collaboration 2013 event. IDT has partnered with the Greater New York Dental Meeting, which is held each year beginning on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. We have been offered expansive exhibition space on the same floor as the dental meeting. There will be no walls separating the clinical from the technical events, no remote rooms tucked away in New York City’s massive Jacob Javits Center. This is an event of parity and as such is the first of its kind, at least in my short 15 years in this industry. As its name suggests, Collaboration 2013 will be the first dental technology event to be completely dedicated to bringing together dentists and technicians in a rich learning environment. Peer-reviewed CE team presentations put on by some of the industry’s most noted clinical and technical key opinion leaders, limited attendance digital dentistry demonstrations, and workshops in highly visible exhibit hall glass-enclosures, business-focused lectures, and brand presentations are but a few of the opportunities that will be available on the exhibition floor. Stay tuned as different segments of the event are unveiled throughout 2013. And be sure to block out December 1st through the 4th on your calendar and plan now to attend. See you there!

Pam Johnson

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