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Inside Dental Technology
October 2012
Volume 3, Issue 9

Diversify Your Outsourcing: Vietnam, a New Frontier

Find a laboratory that offers fast turnaround, leading products, and keeps your business above the competition.

No longer is the question whether or not to outsource, but to whom should you outsource. Choosing a laboratory that offers diversification is the key to outsourcing efficiently and advantageously in today’s globally competitive dental laboratory industry. Digital Age Dental Laboratories, Ltd. was established to help laboratories streamline their manufacturing efforts by accessing the latest innovative technologies to cost-effectively address their business needs and create a win-win partnership for dental laboratories worldwide.

Over 5 years ago, the pursuit of a new outsourcing frontier unsaturated by global businesses began. Considering Vietnam’s thriving economy, competitively low labor costs, and huge production potential, it was chosen to be the strategic location of Digital Age Dental Labs. Vietnam makes it easier to contend with high labor costs, currency fluctuations, and increased regulations experienced when outsourcing to neighboring southeastern countries. Digital Age Dental resides in Vietnam-Singapore Industrial Park II (VSIP II) located in the Binh Duong Province, Vietnam amongst successful companies of various areas of interest. Due to its prime location and accessibility, Digital Age Dental Labs is able to receive, fabricate, and ship cases within 7 days.

Founded on 25 years of diverse dental experience, one of the contributing factors to the unprecedented growth of Digital Age Dental Laboratories has been its focus and expertise in maintaining Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and efficient fabricating processes. As a US-owned business, this could only be accomplished by having a constant presence overseas. With an American management team on site, proper training is implemented to ensure processes and production capabilities are maintained and consistency in quality is delivered with every case. Digital Age Dental Labs currently has 250 employees consisting of US-trained Vietnamese dental technicians and quality control team, administrative staff, and customer service representatives. Resulting from the successful implementation of SOPs and a strong, highly skilled labor force, Digital Age Dental Labs has achieved a redo ratio of virtually 1%. This significant accomplishment has been received with great enthusiasm by its employees and customers alike.

Digital Age Dental Labs is a state-of-the-art facility equipped with today’s advanced technologies such as CAD/CAM printers and milling machines specifically for the fabrication of crown-and-bridge restorations. With technology advancements evolving so quickly along with the increasing demands for low cost quality products, dental laboratories are choosing to outsource in order to differentiate themselves and remain competitive. For dental laboratories that have thought about expanding their CAD/CAM business but do not have the resources to accommodate today’s new technology, Digital Age Dental provides a solution to increase their market share by transitioning work seamlessly without compromising current business efforts.

Digital Age Dental Labs’ US-based receiving location in California makes it easy for laboratories to send their case impressions without having to contend with overseas shipping logistics and FDA requirements for customs compliance. To begin outsourcing, laboratories pay one-way shipping fees with their courier of choice to have their case impressions delivered to the US-based receiving location in California. Case impressions received are shipped to Vietnam on the same day. Completed cases arriving at the US-base location from Vietnam are shipped next day air via FedEx to the customer. Digital Age Dental Labs pays for the delivery of cases back to the laboratory customer. To address case questions accurately and in a timely manner to prevent production delays, English-speaking customer service representatives based in California have direct communication with Digital Age Dental in Vietnam on a daily basis and are available to provide additional information if needed.

Digital Age Dental Labs is an ISO-Certified laboratory registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and follows the FDA’s “Good Manufacturing Program” to ensure all requirements are met and the materials being used are of the same quality provided by any highly regarded US-based dental laboratory. To validate all final materials used for the fabrication of each case, a material certification document is provided for the customer’s records. The material certification document lists the case number, patient name, product description, materials used, the manufacturer, and corresponding batch and part numbers. Digital Age only uses high quality materials from the most prestigious and world-known manufacturers.

Precision-milled, Full/Solid-Zirconia has proven to be the best among the highly demanded all-ceramic CAD/CAM restorations offered by Digital Age Dental Labs. Fabricated with high quality Crystal Zirconia, it delivers an optimal strength of 850MPa with ideal esthetics and fit. Full/Solid-Zirconia is the preferred alternative to full-cast, semi-precious, and gold porcelain-fused-to-metals (PFMs). By choosing to outsource CAD/CAM restorations to Digital Age Dental, customers are able to offer a highly demanded, dependable product at a competitive price.

Diversification is crucial when outsourcing. Digital Age Dental Laboratories affords dental laboratories the opportunity to seamlessly streamline their outsourcing needs and offer leading products to increase their market share and remain above the competition.

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