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Inside Dental Technology
February 2011
Volume 2, Issue 2

Orion Pulse 200i

This advanced micro pulse-arc welding system features Intelligent Welding™, making precision welding easy.

By Matthew Hotelling, CDT

Welding has become a critical tool in most dental laboratories, both for fixed crown and bridge and removable denture departments. The Orion Pulse 200i welding system offers laser-like speed, power, and accuracy at a more affordable price.

Orion Dental Welders offers two different welder models—the original Orion Dental Welder and the new Orion Pulse 200i. Both models are able to serve laboratories of any size by offering a versatile design that makes setup and positioning adjustments easy. The 360° rotating extendable arm and compact power unit leave a very small footprint, maximizing bench space.

One of the most dramatic features is the 9-inch color touch screen control that provides simple navigation and support through all four power functions. The user interface software is also upgradable. The Orion Pulse 200i offers easy-to-adjust nano, micro, and ultra modes as well as a resistance weld spot mode. Each welding mode has its own dedicated power supply within, which means there is no loss of arc ignition even in the smallest nano mode. Users have reported having no problems welding margins or filling holes on metal copings 2/10 mm to 3/10 mm thick.

Pulse-shaping options include high-frequency pulse agitation and preheat adjustments that are very useful, especially with the recent increases in palladium, silver, and titanium usage in dental alloys. These unique features and options also help to stop micro cracks in the weld spots when using high palladium alloys. Users have found that the rapid fire option is very effective for filling large gaps in bridges and implant bars and that it closely mimics the speed of laser welders.

The Orion Pulse 200i has 50 custom save settings and 15 presets. With the touch screen, users can quickly jump between specific alloy presets or create custom settings on the fly. Additionally, the screen displays specific highlighted help instructions for any function. Video tutorials offer another instructional opportunity for technicians, showing them step-by-step processes on anything from fixing holes in metals to partial frame repairs.

The Orion Pulse is an affordable option for laboratory owners who are buying a welding system for the first time or for those who own a large laboratory and are looking to back up a laser welder.

By saving time and energy, the Orion can help dental laboratories to increase production and efficiency. Typical applications and uses for the Orion 200i include bridge repair, adding contacts, extending margins, partial and clasp repairs, implant case welding, and various orthodontic applications.

About the Author

Matthew Hotelling, CDT, is finish and polish supervisor in the crown and bridge department at Drake Dental Laboratory in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The preceding material was provided by the manufacturer. The statements and opin-ions contained therein are solely those of the manufacturer and not of the editors, publisher, or the Editorial Board of Inside Dental Technology.

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