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Compendium February 2018 Cover
February 2018
Volume 39, Issue 2
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From the Editor

Clearing Up Confusion

p. 62

The Voice

Innovation in Undergraduate Dental Education: Forging a Pathway to Dentistry’s Future

Jack Dillenberg, DDS, MPH, Leonard B. Goldstein, DDS, PhD

p. 72

Continuing Education

Strategies to Avoid Underdiagnosing Pit-and-Fissure Caries

Jan K. Mitchell, DDS, MEd, Martha G. Brackett, DDS, MSD, Van B. Haywood, DMD

p. 72

Dental Care as a Safe and Essential Part of a Healthy Pregnancy

Irina F. Dragan, DDS, MS, Valery Veglia, RDH, MBA, Maria L. Geisinger, DDS, MS, David C. Alexander, BDS, MSc

p. 86


Laser treatment for inflammatory disease: mainstream or unconventional?

Paul S. Rosen, DMD, MS, Samuel B. Low, DDS, MS, MEd, Jeanne M. Salcetti, DDS, MS, MS

p. 74

Kois Center Case

Managing Ridge Resorption After Tooth Extraction Using Partial Extraction Therapy

Jeff H. Bynum, DDS

p. 102

Case Reports

Treatment of Peri-implantitis Using a Combined Decontaminative and Regenerative Protocol: Case Report

Nicola Alberto Valente, DDS, MS, Sebastiano Andreana, DDS

p. 96

Clinical Technique Review

Techniques to Optimize Color Esthetics, Bonding, and Peri-implant Tissue Health With Titanium Implant Abutments

Chandur P.K. Wadhwani, BDS, MSD, Todd Schoenbaum, DDS, Kirk E. King, DDS, Kwok-Hung Chung, DDS, PhD

p. 110

Special Report

Critical Factors for Successful Restorations: Light-Curing, Light Energy Monitoring, and Matrices

Howard E. Strassler, DMD, Nisha Ganesh, DDS

p. 120

Special Reports: In-Depth Look

Handling Made Simple: TPH Spectra® ST Incorporates New Filler Technology

p. 122

New Sectional Matrix System Simplifies Posterior Direct Composite Restorations

p. 124

Beautifil II Gingiva System: A Chairside Solution to “the Absence of Pink”

p. 126

Oral Health Insights

The Need to Support Underprivileged Asthmatic Pediatric Dental Patients

Abigail Peterson, DMD

p. 128

Online Only

Soft Tissue Grafting Techniques Associated With Immediate Implant Placement

Mark Bishara, DDS, Gregori M. Kurtzman, DDS, MAGD, Waji Khan, DDS, Joseph Choukroun, MD, Richard J. Miron, DDS, dr. med dent, MSc, PhD

Correction of Large Oro-antral Communications From Previously Failed Implant Treatment: Reconstruction of Hard and Soft Tissues

Paul S. Petrungaro, DDS, MS, Santiago Gonzalez, DDS, Carlos Villegas, DDS

Controlled Palatal Harvest (CPH) Technique for Harvesting a Palatal Subepithelial Connective Tissue Graft

Neel B. Bhatavadekar, BDS, MS, MPH, Amit S. Gharpure, BDS

Use of CAD/CAM in Second-Stage Implant Surgery to Achieve Improved Final Restoration Esthetics and Natural Gingival Appearance

David Dano, DMD, Laila Khalid, DMD, Eihab Mously, BDS, MSD, Russell Giordano, DMD

Caring for Patients Affected by Methamphetamine Use

Lola Giusti, DDS, MA, Jamie Jenkins MD, RDMS, Mitchell A. Goodis, DDS, Carsen Bentley, DDS, MPH, Christine E. Miller, MPH, RDH, Alexander Faigen, DMD

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