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Compendium March 2017 Cover
March 2017
Volume 38, Issue 3
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From the Editor

The Human Touch

p. 129

The Voice

Closing the Gap: Coordination of Care Between Physicians and Dentists

Robert Lewando, DDS, MBA, Edward Murphy

p. 136

Continuing Education

Preservation in Young Patients of Pulp Vitality and Anatomical-Functional Restoration of the Lost Structure

Carlos Andres Villavicencio Espinoza, DDS, MSc, PhD, Juan Fernando Ordoñez Aguilera, DDS, MSc, Fabio Antonio Piola Rizzante, MSc, PhD, Rafael Massunari Maenosono, MSc, PhD, Eduardo Batista Franco, MSc, PhD, Sérgio Kiyoshi Ishikiriama, MSc, PhD

p. 144

A Simple Technique for Fabricating a Screw-Retained/Cemented Implant-Supported Crown

Gregg A. Helvey, DDS, MAGD, CDT

p. 153

Limitless Possibilities With Full-Arch Zirconia Monolithic Hybrid Restorations

Pinhas Adar, MDT, CDT

p. 163


What is endodontic success? How successful is endodontic therapy?

Allen Ali Nasseh, DDS, MMSc, James Bahcall, DMD, MS, Anne L. Koch, DMD

p. 140

Kois Center Case

Challenges in Treating Edge-to-Edge Incisal Position for Esthetics

Bozidar “Bole” Kuljic, DDS , FAGD

p. 172

Case Reports

Dental Space Deficiency Syndrome: An Anthropological Perspective

Colin S. Richman, DMD, BDS, LDS, RCS, H. Dip Dent.

p. 180

Special Report

Quality Impressions Are Essential

Eric C. Bailey, DMD, Philip S. Baker, BS, DDS, FACP

p. 188

Special Reports: In-Depth Look

Aquasil® Ultra+ : A Solution for Every Case

p. 190

PlanScan SOLO: Go Solo and Never Be Alone

p. 192

Oral Health Insights

Removing Obstacles to Oral Care for Patients With Special Needs

p. 196

Online Only

Two-year Clinical Evaluation of a Nanofilled Etch-and-Rinse and a Self-Etch Adhesive System Containing MDPB and Fluoride in Non-Carious Cervical Lesions

Fernanda Garcia de Oliveira, DDS, PhD, Lucas Silveira Machado, DDS, PhD, Daniel Sundfeld-Neto, DDS, Marcelo Giannini, DDS, PhD, André Luiz Fraga Briso, DDS, PhD, Paulo Henrique dos Santos, DDS, PhD, Maria Lúcia Marçal Mazza Sundefeld, PhD, Renato Herman S

Management of a Malpositioned Implant in the Anterior Maxilla

Catherine DeFuria, DMD, Hans-Peter Weber, DMD, Dr. Med. Dent., Yukio Kudara, CDT, MDT, Panos Papaspyridakos, DDS, MS, PhD

Can Tooth Preparation Design Affect the Fit of CAD/CAM Restorations?

Renato Cassio Roperto, DDS, MSc, PhD, Marina Piolli Oliveira, DDS, Thiago Soares Porto, DDS, MSc, Lais Alaberti Ferreira, DDS, Lucas Simino Melo, DDS, Anna Akkus, PhD

Modified Double-Papillae Flap Technique With Subepithelial Connective Tissue Graft for Root Coverage in the Esthetic Zone: Case Report

Gustavo Javier Salazar Littuma, DDS, MSc, Leonardo Bez, DDS, MSc, Camilo Andres Villabona lopez, DDS, MSc, Cesar Augusto Magalhães Benfatti, DDS, MSc, PhD, Ricardo de Souza Magini, DDS, MSc, PhD

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