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March 2017
Volume 38, Issue 3

Aquasil® Ultra+: A Solution for Every Case

In his practice outside Cleveland, Ohio, Tim Bizga, DDS, provides comprehensive care with a focus on implants, cosmetics, and facial esthetics. With that in mind, it is critical for him to have an impression material suited for every case. “When I’m taking impressions for crowns or implants, my tray material is going to be the heavy-body, fast-set Aquasil® Ultra+ Impression Material—the fast set works great for single-unit dentistry, which I use in conjunction with Aquasil Ultra+ LV light-body wash. Those two solutions take me through 90% of what I do day-to-day for any prosthetics I’m working on,” Bizga says.

Aquasil Ultra+ Smart Wetting Impression Material is truly suitable for all dental impression techniques: single-unit, multi-unit, long span/full-arch, clear aligner, and edentulous arches. These materials each have their own complementary washes, as well. Another feature of this product that Bizga appreciates is the multiple work times and viscosities that Aquasil Ultra+ material affords.

Bizga adds, “When I’m doing anything that’s more of a veneer case for which I need something that’s going to flow, reach under the gingiva, and get that finer detail, I’m going to use the Aquasil Ultra+ XLV for the wash and use the heavy-body material for the tray.”

Exceeding an impression material’s work time can lead to distortion, drags, and pulls. So Aquasil Ultra+ impression material helps remove the dentist’s guesswork, by providing clearly labeled intraoral work times. Regular Set provides sufficient work time for multi-unit and more complicated cases, while Fast Set reduces mouth removal time for ideal single-unit restorations. Aquasil Ultra+ impression material is also available in a unique rigid viscosity specifically designed to help prevent distortion when used with double-arch trays.

Aquasil Ultra+ impression material helps clinicians capture the detail they need and reduce the chance of voids and tears at the margin, the most common impression errors laboratories see. This ability to capture and maintain detail, coupled with precision delivery and optimal work/set times, make Aquasil Ultra+ material the no-compromise solution to a dentist’s everyday impression needs.

The product is formulated to avoid trapping fluid from the moment it is syringed in the moist, humid oral field. The extremely low contact angle helps ensure an accurate impression, so dentists have no need to overdesiccate the tooth preparation. With its market-leading intraoral and 24-hour hydrophilicity, Aquasil Ultra+ continues to work well even after it leaves the dentist’s office, to help clinicians ensure they get properly fitting restorations. Also, this product reduces the risk for tears when the impression is removed from the mouth and during pours at the laboratory. High intraoral tear strength ensures margins remain intact and material is not left in the sulcus, even when removed from thin cross-sections. These margins remain intact after the case is shipped to the laboratory, with the highest 24-hour tear strength available.

“Oftentimes, when companies make changes to a formulation of a product, you don’t see a noticeable difference. In all sincerity, the changes Dentsply Sirona has made with Aquasil Ultra+ material are very noticeable. You especially notice it in two key areas: 1) it is very user friendly in the presence of fluids (saliva and bleeding); and 2) the tear strength. This is key because current-day margin-placement trends seek to avoid the placement of cord. Tear strength can only help in these situations,” explains Bizga.

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