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March 2017
Volume 38, Issue 3

PlanScan SOLO: Go Solo and Never Be Alone

The Planmeca PlanScan® SOLO produces fast, accurate digital impressions with vibrant realistic color that enables the user to differentiate between tissues and restorative materials.

The PlanScan SOLO provides a level of detail that isn’t possible with traditional impressions. The superior quality of the image produced from the SOLO helps users develop better more accurate margins for perfect fitting restorations.

With the PlanScan SOLO, workflow is streamlined and increases productivity by decreasing scanning times and reducing the seating times for restorations. The PlanScan features a bite alignment correction that automatically aligns overbites after initial alignment. When clinicians are performing an intraoral scan, they tend to find extraneous tissues will obstruct a clear view of the image. However, the PlanScan SOLO offers “active filtering,” which automatically removes lips and tongue from the image. This tool reduces the need for trimming and increases the speed at which an image is accurately captured. Another example of an improvement during the scanning process includes interpoximal areas being filled completely by hovering over an area.

The PlanScan SOLO captures accurate impressions to create perfectly designed restorations while reducing the need for remakes and adjustments.

With the PlanScan SOLO, the restorative solutions you offer to your dental patients are unlimited. It features accurate results, which range from a single indication to a full arch.

One of the most convenient aspects of the PlanScan SOLO is the system’s platform. The SOLO was designed on an open technology system, which enables the PlanScan to seamlessly integrate with a variety of systems and technologies such as cone-beam computed tomography data for enhanced implant and orthodontic treatment planning. In addition, it works well with a laptop, making information easy to share, and provides a portable solution for the clinician. It features true dental-unit integration.

Transitioning from traditional impressions to digital impressions can be intimidating. The Planmeca team provides in-office training in which a member of the Scan Squad guides dental teams through their first few cases and supports the office for the first 30 days. Additional assistance in the form of the SOS (Support On-Site) technical support team can be obtained while clinicians are with their patients to help troubleshoot when dental teams need it the most.

Using the model-less digital workflow of the PlanScan SOLO, collaboration and turnaround is simplified when sent to a PlanScan Preferred Lab. The PlanScan SOLO provides a simple way to work with laboratory technicians without additional click fees. For any dentist switching from traditional to digital impressions, the PlanScan SOLO makes the transition smooth and simple to implement in the office.

Scan, send, and save time and money.

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