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Table of Contents

The Voice

Educating Future Leaders of the Oral Health Community

R. Bruce Donoff, DMS, MD, Kimberly Ritrievi, PhD

pp 88

Continuing Education

Resin-Based Composite as a Direct Esthetic Restorative Material

Neeraj Malhotra, MDS, PGDHHM, Kundabala Mala, MDS, Shashirashmi Acharya, MDS

pp 14-23; quiz 24

Nonsurgical Gingival Displacement in Restorative Dentistry

Manuel S. Thomas, MDS, Robin Mathal Joseph, MDS, Abhishek Parolla, MDS

pp 26-34; quiz 36

Business of Dentistry

The Benefits of Offering Custom Mouthguards

Roger P. Levin, DDS

pp 8-9


Contemporary Text Details Relationship Between Oral and Systemic Diseases

D. Walter Cohen, DDS

pp 12

Transferring Knowledge on Patient Safety

Lois K. Cohen, PhD

pp 10-11

Kois Center Case

Low-Risk Dentistry Using Additive-Only Porcelain Veneers

Dennis Wells, DDS

pp 50-55

Case Study

Overcoming Unforeseen Incidents

Joseph D. Chikvashvili, DDS

pp 44-48

Practical Application

The Use of 3-Dimensional Imaging in Dentoalveolar Surgery

Gary Orentlicher, DMD, Marcus Abboud, DMD

pp 78-86

Special Report

CAO Group Leading the Development of Dental Diode Lasers

pp 70-71

Lasers Integral to DenMat's Minimally Invasive Product Line

pp 72

Discus Dental Has Expertise, Tools to Meet Dentists' Laser Needs

pp 74-75

Ivoclar Vivadent Sees Bright Future for Laser Technology in Dentistry

pp 76

All Lasers are Not the Same

Scott D. Benjamin, DDS

pp 66-68

Research Update

In-Practice Evaluation of OraVerseĀ® for the Reversal of Soft-Tissue Anesthesia After Dental Procedures

Timothy R. Saunders, DDS, Gregory Psaltis, DDS, John F. Weston, DDS, FAACD, Rex R. Yanase, DDS, Siegfried S. Rogy, PhD, Richard G. Ghalie, MD

pp 58-62

Online Only

Orthodontic and Prosthetic Treatment of a Patient with Cystic Fibrosis and Agenesis of Maxillary Lateral Incisors

Harold Slutsky, DMD, Joseph R. Greenberg, DMD

e 80-85

Peripheral Ossifying Fibroma: A Clincal Report

Shradha Sharma, BDS, DMD, Sharma Anamika, MDS, Srinivas Sulugodu Ramachandra, MDS

e 86-90

Portable INR Analysis Prior to Dental Procedures

David L. Hall, DDS, Abdel R. Mohammad, DDS

e 91-94

Bone-Added Osteotome Sinus Floor Elevation for the Deficient Maxillary Posterior Implant Site

Shilpa Kolhatkar, DDS, MDS, Leyvee L. Cabanilla, DDS, MSD, Monish Bhola, DDS, MSD

e 95-100

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