June 2011
Volume 32, Issue 5

Ivoclar Vivadent Sees Bright Future for Laser Technology in Dentistry

Of the many technical advances in dentistry in the past decade, the use of lasers has perhaps had as much of an impact on the industry as any. With an increasing number of clinicians realizing the benefits of using lasers, the technology has become more widely accepted in the dental industry, according to Danny Forcucci, Marketing Manager at Ivoclar Vivadent.

“When we first began offering a dental laser, we spent an excessive amount of time teaching what a dental laser is and how it works,” Forcucci explains. “Today, most clinicians have some level of understanding.”

The acceptance and growth of laser usage has been spurred on by the numerous advantages it offers compared to traditional methods of soft-tissue surgery, Forcucci suggests. Patients experience less postoperative pain and sensitivity because laser care usually produces a cleaner, healthier surgical site with less discomfort. Plus, use of lasers typically results in immediate postoperative results. Additionally, lasers cause minimal, if any, bleeding, which not only makes things more comfortable for the patient but, notably, provides better visibility for the clinician.

Dental lasers, according to Forcucci, enable clinicians to achieve highly accurate tissue contours, and there is less chance of scarring as well as a reduced need for anesthesia. Moreover, sutures are rarely needed, and the minimally invasive nature of lasers means faster recovery. “In the end, lasers can mean less stress for the clinician, staff, and patient,” Forcucci says.

Odyssey® diode lasers from Ivoclar Vivadent offer clinicians user-friendliness, featuring a simplified control panel along with the latest in solid-state diode-laser technology. Ideal for soft-tissue modification and preventive care, the unit provides accurate power output and a consistent wavelength for smooth, precise tissue alteration.

While the past decade has seen an increase in the use of lasers in dentistry, Forcucci believes the future is even brighter for dental laser technology. “I’ve seen industry projections which show that approximately two out of three US dental offices will have a diode laser in 2016, compared to approximately 25% today,” he says. “I believe that more and more states’ dental boards will allow dental hygienists to use diode lasers as an adjunct therapy in the treatment of periodontal disease. This is because there is beginning to be a greater realization that a diode laser can be used very effectively in a nonsurgical mode.”

As a leader in dental laser education, Ivoclar Vivadent realizes the importance of instructing clinicians in order to help them achieve optimal laser performance. The company starts with what Forcucci calls “the initial ‘out-of-box’ experience.” A local Ivoclar Vivadent representative provides in-office initial setup and laser usage training for the dentist and entire staff.

“Included in the purchase of an Odyssey diode laser is comprehensive live laser education at one of our three training centers in the United States.” Forcucci says. “Full-day training takes place regularly at one of these three locations, and the courses are typically taught by an Academy of Laser Dentistry (ALD)-certified educator. The course includes lecture, clinical videos, and hands-on. These laser courses consistently receive very high ratings from the participants.”

Looking forward, Ivoclar Vivadent sees many innovations coming to the dental industry as science and technology continue to evolve. As things change, says Forcucci, the company will be there with state-of-the-art expertise. “We’ll always listen to the needs of our customers in an effort to develop a next-generation laser that better meets their needs.”

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