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February 2023
Volume 44, Issue 2

Venus® Bulk Flow ONE a Universal Shade Solution for Everyday Cases

As a younger clinician, Devin McClintock, DDS, says having a mentor who encouraged product exploration changed her course in dentistry. After graduating cum laude from dental school in 2016 with a minor concentration in esthetics, she completed 2 years of General Practice Residency training, then worked for a year in private practice before completing a 2-year cosmetic residency with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and Adamo Notarantonio, DDS. She also began studying at the Kois Center.

"The biggest impact on my relatively short career has definitely been my time with Dr. Notarantonio and the AACD residency program," McClintock states. "I learned to try new techniques and technology and test as many materials as possible."

Over the course of her training during the past 7 years, McClintock has come to learn that there are many different restorative materials on the market. "They all have great qualities, but I have found that certain materials work better in my hands than others, which is critical for long-term success," she surmises.

One favorite product that McClintock has discovered is Venus® Bulk Flow ONE from Kulzer. The flowable one-shade bulk-fill composite provides dentists a universal shade solution for everyday cases, without the need for an additional capping layer. Especially ideal for restorations in the posterior region, Venus Bulk Flow ONE's flowable consistency allows for bulk-filling in increments of up to 4 mm while the composite adapts to any tooth shade from A1 to D4, according to the manufacturer.

"I personally was not a huge bulk-fill composite fan, but I was very pleasantly surprised and extremely impressed with the handling of this material," McClintock says. "Its shade matching really stuck out to me."

So impressed with the shade matching was McClintock that she started using Venus Bulk Flow ONE with her Invisalign® cases for button attachments. "The fluorescence makes it easy to clean up excess flash as well as remove the buttons at the end of the treatment. Furthermore, its shade-match capability and bulk capacity ensures complete cure of the material as well as invisibility of the buttons when patients take their trays out," she explains.

Offering what McClintock calls "the best of both worlds" for a flowable composite, Venus Bulk Flow ONE "flows into the space it needs to be without causing voids while simultaneously not slumping over and getting everywhere," she says.

McClintock has learned that, "the best kind of dentistry is ‘invisible' dentistry," she comments, meaning that when patients can't tell the difference between tooth and material, the dentist has succeeded. With Venus Bulk Flow ONE, she is finding a lot of success.

Devin McClintock, DDS
Private Practice,
Williamsburg, Virginia


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