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February 2022
Volume 43, Issue 2

Kulzer’s Venus® Composites Provide Predictability, Ease of Use, Durability

Lori Trost, DMD, has spent many years making sure her patients improve their smiles and regain confidence while experiencing the best care possible at her practice, Trost Dental, in the greater St. Louis area.

"Esthetics are usually the driver for that ‘wow' factor. It is an incredible moment when the patient looks in the mirror, sees their smile restored, and is overwhelmed," says Trost, who practices comprehensive restorative dentistry and provides a wide variety of services to her patients. "Knowing you work with an amazing material that can provide that result is so professionally satisfying for me."

When it comes to composites, one material that Trost says she consistently relies on is the Venus® line of products from Kulzer. "Venus composites are tried and true. They restore beautiful esthetics, handle well, and provide solid physical properties."

Trost uses Venus nanohybrid composites to provide her patients long-lasting, esthetically pleasing restorations with a permanent, natural luster. According to the manufacturer, the TCD-urethane resin matrix provides the material's resistance to chipping and fracture, as well as excellent physical properties. In addition, there are two consistencies to meet the clinician's choice of handling: Venus Diamond ONE offers a firmer consistency for additional packability, while Venus Pearl ONE offers a creamy, non-stick consistency. The vast line of product options, from Venus® Diamond/Pearl ONE, to Venus® Diamond Flow, to Venus® Bulk, and more, allows dentists to choose a composite solution for practically every indication.

The universal nanohybrid composite is applicable for both anterior and posterior fillings. Venus is able to blend in with the shade of the surrounding tooth structures due to the combination of translucent and pigmented fillers, creating a highly natural look with virtually undetectable restorative margins. Ultrafine filling particles enable an exceptional polish comparable to natural enamel.

As an accomplished dental educator, key opinion leader, and clinical evaluator for new dental products, Trost often has first exposure to many breakthrough technologies, which she incorporates into her patient-centered practice. "As new materials emerge, it is important to understand what benefit they will provide for your patients and your practice," she says. "It's critical to select a product line that is robust and answers to your practice and patients' needs." She notes that the excellent polishing and layering properties of Venus make it ideal for anterior restorations, while its strength and abrasion resistance also make the material well-suited for posterior restorations.

Venus composites offer Trost the benefits of "predictability, ease of placement, and durability." She concludes: "The Venus family is an excellent universal composite choice for everyday dentistry."

Lori Trost, DMD
Private Practice,
Red Bud, Illinois


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