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October 2023
Volume 44, Issue 9

With Kulzer, Clinicians Have Solutions for Virtually Any Indication

As he approaches his fourth decade as a restorative dentist, Bob Margeas, DDS, acknowledges he has seen many products come and go. So, it's those materials that allow the clinician to customize each patient's treatment while still providing long-lasting durability that he considers his gold standard.

"I've been a big fan of Kulzer restorative products for over 30 years. I started out using Durafill® in the 1980s. It was a microfill, and to this day it's still a very good product," says the Des Moines, Iowa, practitioner, whose practice focuses on comprehensive restorative and implant dentistry. "The Kulzer composites that I use the most these days are the Venus® Diamond ONE, Venus® Pearl ONE, and Venus® Bulk Flow ONE. These are the universal single-shade composites. I have found that Kulzer's Venus is one of the absolute best products for single-shade matching of any of the universal shaded products on the market. And having the ability to use one shade is tremendous when it comes to inventory."

According to Kulzer, Venus Bulk Flow ONE does not require an additional capping layer because the low wear rate withstands occlusal forces. The flowable consistency makes it an ideal composite for bulk filling of increments of up to 4 mm. The company asserts that Venus Bulk Flow ONE represents the first flowable one-shade bulk-filling composite in the dental market that adapts to any tooth shade from A1 to D4. "I use the bulk-fill product in the posterior, and I feel very good about the esthetic results," Margeas says.

Margeas, who serves as Editor-in-Chief of Inside Dentistry, knows that a high-quality composite material is essential to every good direct restoration, no matter how effective the adhesive. Venus' comprehensive range of shades and unique layering concept help dentists provide esthetically pleasing restorations that are long-lasting. Kulzer's Venus is available in 20 shades and three degrees of translucency to facilitate exact color adaptation and masking, the company says. A customized build-up of dentin, enamel, and incisal shades creates natural restorations that precisely match the patient's surrounding tooth structure. Plus, Venus comes with a two-layer shade guide to help clinicians select the appropriate color.

"Utilizing Kulzer restorative products allows clinicians to be more efficient and treat their patients' restorations with the eye of an artist," Margeas suggests. "One clinician might like a composite that's a little bit stiffer and they want to sculpt it, so that would be the Venus Diamond. If you want something that is more ‘brushable' or that you can move easier, then you would use the Venus Pearl. It's really a matter of preference. Some clinicians want to be painters, some want to be sculptors. With Kulzer, you have a plethora of different consistencies and shades."

Robert C. Margeas, DDS
Private Practice, Des Moines, Iowa; Fellow, Academy of General Dentistry


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