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March 2023
Volume 44, Issue 3

Kulzer’s Flexitime®: Materials for Use With All Impression Techniques

With many years of experience in dentistry, Lori Trost, DMD, has learned that making the most of every minute in the practice is crucial. "Patients present with a broad variety of dental care needs, so any product detail or ingredient that can offer more predictability, effectiveness, or efficiency is very welcome," she says.

An accomplished dental educator and clinical evaluator of innovative dental products, Trost values products that allow her to prioritize time savings in her busy practice in the Greater St. Louis, Missouri, area. Included in her armamentarium are impression products from Kulzer's Flexitime® system.

"The Flexitime impression family of products is a perfect addition to my dental toolkit," Trost states. As the name suggests, Flexitime materials are made to create greater flexibility and maximize precision clinically. The Flexitime line, which includes Flexitime® Bite, Dynamix® speed 2, and Flexitime® Fast&Scan-three different delivery forms in six different viscosities-can be used for a wide range of indications, from single-tooth preparation over multiple-unit prosthetics to a full denture. Clinicians can individually combine the different materials for all impression techniques.

Throughout her practice, Trost has used many vinyl polysiloxane (VPS) materials in a variety of clinical applications. She says she is particularly impressed not only with Flexitime's multiple viscosities and set times but also that "this material allows for the time it takes to dispense and syringe it into the mouth before the setting reaction starts. Once it hits the heat in the mouth, the reaction begins," she explains. "Many other VPS materials start to react and set immediately upon dispensing. The added time you get from Flexitime makes a huge difference, especially if I'm impressing multiple teeth at a time, capturing a difficult implant abutment, or even border molding for a denture."

Flexitime's special formula controls polymerization kinetics by oral temperature to create the intelligent-time concept, allowing for a high degree of precision, according to the manufacturer. "I can work as quickly or as slowly as needed to get a good impression because of the intuitive set times of Flexitime," Trost affirms. The material's contrasting colors, she adds, make it easy to read margins and other important details.

Trost's tips for clinicians using Flexitime include utilizing the monophase material for border molding applications. For scanning impressions, Flexitime Fast&Scan, which offers the option of direct digital scanning, "is the way to go."

Because the Flexitime system adapts to the clinician's personal treatment preferences, "I would say to check out a few different Flexitime material combinations until you find the ones that work best in your type of practice," Trost advises. "Having the ability to select a customized impression material for a specific procedure truly makes Flexitime stand apart."

Lori Trost, DMD
Private Practice, Red Bud, Illinois


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