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March 2024
Volume 45, Issue 3

Fast, Reliable DEXIS IS 3800W Scanner Improves Dental Workflow

Michael T. Kelly, DMD, has extensive training in advanced restorative, cosmetic, and implant dentistry, but in his private practice in Scottsdale, Arizona, he has two rules for choosing new technology.

"When considering technology, I look at two main things: Can the product reliably, effectively, and efficiently do the job I am purchasing it for with minimal need for training and maintenance? And is the company behind the product solid so they will provide the necessary support for the product during its lifespan and continue to develop the technology?" he says.

Kelly applied these guidelines when choosing to implement the DEXIS IS 3800W wireless intraoral scanner. It's one of those rare products, he says, that "touches every facet of my practice in a positive way-a truly practice-transforming technology. It improves the experience of patients, speeds up my appointment times, improves communication, and provides a ‘warehouse' of important clinical data for future use/documentation." Moreover, he adds, it improves his bottom line.

An example of improved workflow in utilizing the IS 3800W, Kelly offers, is seen when working with dental implants. "When a patient arrives for the second-stage surgery for an implant, we can use a hard/soft-tissue CO2 laser to uncover the implant with little to no anesthesia and no bleeding," he explains. "I can then sculpt the soft tissue to the desirable shape. Once the implant is uncovered, I can place a scan body and make the final impression using the IS 3800W scanner in about 1 minute. What before would take much more anesthetic and multiple visits over a period of weeks can be accomplished simply in one 20-minute appointment." Kelly can then deliver a same-day final restoration using CAD/CAM technology.

"This is such a dramatic improvement of the patient experience, yet it also saves me valuable chairtime and saves drastically on the cost of the implant components, because the scan bodies are reusable and we do not need models," he states. "Best of all, the clinical results are better than ever, with no compromise needed."

In short, Kelly summarizes, the reliable IS 3800W scanner saves his practice time and money, improves clinical outcomes, and dramatically enhances the patient experience. "Happy patients send their friends, family, and coworkers!" he exclaims.

To colleagues who are still using analog impressions, Kelly asks facetiously, "What kind of phone is in your pocket? The time is long passed to join the digital revolution. The freedom the wireless scanner allows is fantastic, and we have had no problems with a consistent wireless connection. I had a new team member use the scanner on her first day. She picked it up quickly and had no trouble navigating the process. She commented it was easy to use and just ‘seemed to make sense.'"

Michael T. Kelly, DMD, MAGD, MICOI
Private Practice,
Scottsdale, Arizona


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