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Table of Contents

From the Editor

Discovering New Paths

Markus B. Blatz, DMD, PhD

Continuing Education

Management of Endodontic Infections: Prescribing Guidelines and the Risks of Clindamycin

Abigail Baldwin, DMD candidate; Brooke Blicher, DMD; Jarshen Lin, DDS, and Rebekah Lucier Pryles, DMD

Second-Generation Liquid Platelet Concentrates: A Potential Boon for Regenerative Dentistry

Rucha Shah, MDS; Raison Thomas, MDS; M.G. Triveni, MDS; and Baron Tarun Kumar, MDS

Business of Dentistry

Succeeding in the Post-Pandemic Practice

Matthew Newman

Kois Center Case

Correction of an Anteriorly Constricted/Deep Bite Through Orthodontics and Restorative Enhancements: A 3-Year Case Study

Fred H. Peck, DDS

Case Series

Utilization of Bioactive Dentin for Guided Bone Regeneration as Part of Implant Treatment

Robert A. Horowitz, DDS; Gregori M. Kurtzman, DDS, MAGD; and José Luis Calvo-Guirado, DDS, PhD, Eu PhD, MS

The Graftless Socket-Shield Technique: A 5-Year Case Series

J. Kobi Stern, DMD, MSc; Vladimir Deresciuc, DMD; Mira Ghaly, DMD, MS; Jeril Cooper, DMD; and Mark E. Peacock, DMD, MS


Tooth Whitening With a Novel Emulsion Technology

Tiezhou Hou, PhD; Hongyan Zheng, MA; Nataliya Gurich, PhD; Mary Kay Anastasia, BA; and Jiahui Li, BS

Products in Practice

Building Naturomimetic Complex Direct Restorations Using a Modern Supercomposite

Clarence Tam, DDS

Special Report

ClearCorrect® Aligners: Increased Efficiency, Precision, and Innovation

SureSmile® Aligners Boost Clinician’s Confidence in Recommending Clear Aligner Therapy to Patients

OraFit™: Innovative Clear Aligner Technology at Affordable Pricing

SmileDirectClub’s Comfort Sense™ Technology Precision-Cuts Aligners for Smooth, Comfortable Fit

Special Reports: In-Depth Look

Orthodontics in the Digital Age: More Than Just Teeth Straightening

Daniel Berant, DMD

Oral Health Insights

Leaky Gum Syndrome and the Mouth-Body Connection: The Impact of Oral Fluid Diagnostics

Hans-Dieter John, MSD

Online Only

Minimally Invasive Esthetic Dentistry: Combination of Techniques to Mask White-Spot Lesions

Karoliny Barbosa dos Santos Sales, DDS; Joanna Zarzecka, Prof. dr hab. n. med, PhD; Przemysław Kustra, MD, PhD; Luciana Fávaro Francisconi-dos Rios, DDS; Ramon Nazareno Menezes Andrade, DDS; Lycia Gardenia dos Santos Oliveira, DDS; and Flavia Pardo Salata

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