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June 2022
Volume 43, Issue 6

OraFit™: Innovative Clear Aligner Technology at Affordable Pricing

James "Jamie" Bennett, DDS, was serving as a dentist in the US Army at West Point when he first had the opportunity to treat multiple orthodontic cases as a general practitioner. "While there, I was able to work with some of the finest board-certified specialists in the world," he says. "As a GP, I wanted to offer an orthodontic option to my patients without necessarily committing to only the orthodontic specialty."

Moving in the direction of clear aligners was the most obvious and natural treatment option for his career. "I now have used multiple clear aligner systems to treat minor malocclusions for more than a decade," he says. "It has offered exactly what I had hoped it would."

In the fall of 2021, Bennett, whose practice in Westlake, Ohio, offers a range of services, began using OraFit clear aligners by OraPharma and says they have become his "go-to" aligners. "With excellent results and the OraPharma brand support, OraFit complements the GP's desire to provide clear aligner therapy at an affordable price," he exclaims. Additionally, "Implementing OraFit clear aligners into my practice has been very seamless and hasn't disrupted our office protocols."

Besides the cost and brand support benefits, Bennett is also impressed with the quality of OraFit clear aligners, saying that the engager templates of OraFit are "my favorite and easiest of all the clear aligners" with which he's worked. OraFit, according to the manufacturer, uses a unique three-layer design featuring Zendura FLX material to deliver excellent strength, crack resistance, stress retention and distribution, along with durability, clarity, and comfort to help improve patients' oral health-related quality of life.

"OraFit patients are provided a comfortable aligner, and the doctor may decide to provide five or more aligners at a time, limiting the number of office visits, which patients appreciate," he says. He adds that the case submission process is easy to use, and he receives the aligner back in days, after treatment acceptance. "Patients appreciate the speed, and I, as the clinician, appreciate the streamlined process."

Bennett is also pleased, he says, with the treatment plans from OraFit. "The cases I have done so far have required less interproximal reduction."

With OraFit clear aligners providing excellent results and the ability to offer more affordable pricing to patients, it makes a critical difference. "In addition," Bennett says, "the OraPharma ‘white glove' service is trustworthy and efficient. OraPharma is a leader in innovation, and my experience with OraFit clear aligners has been top notch."


The OraFit Custom Clear Aligner System is indicated for use in the alignment of permanent teeth through orthodontic treatment of misalignment and malocclusion. The OraFit Custom Clear Aligner System is contraindicated for patients who are allergic to plastics and/or who have active periodontal disease. See the Instructions for Use for detailed directions for use and daily care/maintenance, as well as detailed safety and risk information. For additional product information, see

James Bennett, DDS
Private Practice, Westlake, Ohio; paid consultant for OraPharma


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