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Table of Contents

From the Editor

Safety First

Markus B. Blatz, DMD, PhD

Continuing Education

Acetaminophen: Is Too Much of a Good Thing Too Much?

Jason H. Goodchild, DMD; and Mark Donaldson, BSP, ACPR, PharmD

Drug-Induced Gingival Enlargement: A Review of Diagnosis and Current Treatment Strategies

Fady Barsoum, DDS candidate; Braedan R.J. Prete, BSc (Hons), DDS candidate; and Aviv Ouanounou, BSc, MSc, DDS

Business of Dentistry

Key Performance Indicators: Track Your Numbers to Grow Your Business

Roger P. Levin, DDS

Case Reports

A Systematic Approach to Full-Mouth Rehabilitation of a Complex Case Using a Digital Workflow, Proper Isolation

Adamo E. Notarantonio, DDS

Case Series

Familial Presentation of Ankyloglossia and Localized Periodontitis

Hajer A. Aldulaijan, BDS, MS; Shahad B. Alsharif, BDS, MS; Robert E. Cohen, DDS, MS, PhD; and Lisa M. Yerke, DDS, MS


A Narrative Review of the Diagnosis, Etiology, and Treatment of Halitosis Over the Past Three Decades

Stuart J. Froum, DDS; Ye Shi, DDS; Natacha Reis, DDS; and Tanatorn Asvaplungprohm, DDS

The Effect of Isolation and Dehydration on Shade Matching

Adamo E. Notarantonio, DDS; and Devin McClintock, DDS

Products in Practice

A Step-by-Step Approach to Esthetic Excellence: Every Detail Matters

Adamo E. Notarantonio, DDS

Special Report

Zen CP+® a Conservative, Smart Mineralization Solution to Alleviate Tooth Sensitivity

Explore the Benefits of Salivary Testing Through Direct Diagnostics

Waterpik® ION Cordless Water Flosser Simplifies Effective Oral Health Compliance

Xylitol Products From Spry® Part of Dentist’s Strategy for Caries Prevention

Special Reports: In-Depth Look

Optimizing the Oral Health of Patients Through Risk Assessment and Prevention

Maria L. Geisinger, DDS, MS

Oral Health Insights

Unlocking Links to Oral and Systemic Health — Through Saliva

Online Only

Use of a Sugar-Crosslinked Collagen Membrane in Conjunction With a Dehydrated Amnion/Chorion Membrane for Guided Bone Regeneration Around Immediate Implants

Matthew J. Fien, DDS; Israel Puterman, DMD, MSD; Juan Mesquida, DDS; Ferran Llansana Fitó, DDS; and Guillermo Bauza, PhD

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