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May 2022
Volume 43, Issue 5

Zen CP+® a Conservative, Smart Mineralization Solution to Alleviate Tooth Sensitivity

During the pandemic and following, Apolinar Madrigal, DDS, noticed a particular change among patients at his dental practices in California and Mexico. "Many patients had not been to the dentist for 2 years due to regulations, fear, or illness. It is our responsibility to educate patients on the systemic effects of oral health," says Madrigal, a faculty member of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. "We began to see more and more emergency patients. More of our patient pool was coming in with either pain or sensitivity."

Noticing this trend of an increase in patients with severe sensitivity and demineralization simply because of a lack of proper tooth maintenance, and not necessarily decay, Madrigal decided to turn to a new product designed for tooth remineralization: Zen CP+® from DenMat.

"Treating teeth with root canal therapy or restorative work can be highly invasive, but now we have the opportunity to prevent this by remineralizing them before such work is needed," he says. "Zen CP+ was brought to my attention by my lead assistant, and after doing our research we gave it a try. The feedback we received from our patients sold us immediately."

Zen CP+ desensitizing gel is aimed at alleviating tooth sensitivity and discomfort by delivering nano-sized calcium-phosphate minerals to the tooth surface, occluding, and penetrating deep inside the dentin tubules. The patented microsphere technology (CAPOSAL®) reacts with saliva to uniformly deliver mineral-forming calcium-phosphate ions.

"The formation of high crystalline minerals occurs deep in the dentin tubules, which allows for a longer-lasting protection," Madrigal explains. "The fact that Zen CP+ does not contain any milk derivatives makes it safe to use on patients with dairy-related allergies or who are otherwise unable to use milk-derived products."

In speaking with DenMat representatives about Zen CP+, Madrigal learned that the particles released by the product adhere well to dentin surfaces and feature a tailored degradation rate to increase pH and promote effective formation of hydroxyapatite.

Madrigal suggests that any patient with sensitivity issues, especially those with abfractions and erosion in the gingival thirds of their teeth, or simply after teeth whitening, will benefit greatly from Zen CP+. He describes the protocol he generally uses in his practice: "After doing an exam and prophylaxis if needed, we apply Zen CP+ to the sensitive areas with a cotton swab. We then instruct the patient to apply a pea-sized amount every morning and at night with a soft-bristle toothbrush to the sensitive areas after brushing. Patients should also avoid drinking or eating for 45 minutes after application."

"We've had great feedback from patients who have used Zen CP+, especially from those who have suffered from long-term tooth sensitivity," he says. "Once we started using Zen CP+ in our office and received such a positive response from patients, we couldn't go back to using any other product."

Apolinar Madrigal, DDS
Private Practice, Ceres, California, and Leon, Mexico


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