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May 2023
Volume 44, Issue 5

ACCLEAN® Preventive Products Deliver What Hygienists Want

For more than 20 years, Jackie Laliberte, RDH, has shared her passion for oral health with her patients and peers. "I started my career in dentistry as a dental/orthodontic assistant. After working in the field for a year, I decided to go back to school for dental hygiene," says the Natick, Massachusetts-based clinician. "I wanted to become more involved with the patients and with oral hygiene education. I wanted to establish better relationships with my patients and help guide them to better oral homecare and overall oral health."

As much as dentists and patients need the right tools for care, so do hygienists. To that end, Natick Dental Partners-where Laliberte has practiced dental hygiene for 10 years-recently added ACCLEAN® preventive products by Henry Schein to its armamentarium.

"I have nothing but good things to say about the ACCLEAN preventive products!" she says. Since the practice started using the ACCLEAN brand in the past 12 months it has incorporated a range of products into its daily preventive practices, from dental hygiene handpieces and prophy angles, to ultrasonic scalers and inserts, to prophy paste and fluoride varnish.

The ACCLEAN Hygiene Handpiece 2 was specifically created by Henry Schein developers based on direct feedback the company received from US dental hygienists. And according to Laliberte, it delivers.

"The ACCLEAN Hygiene Handpiece 2 is extremely lightweight and has a smooth 360-degree swivel," says the experienced practitioner. The ergonomic handpiece features stainless-steel construction for durability and longevity; excellent torque, which provides responsive, smooth operation at all speeds; lightweight comfort; and easy maintenance with a simple and efficient no-lube motor.

Laliberte also speaks highly of ACCLEAN  prophy pastes. "They are effective at removing biofilm and surface stain quickly with a smoother, less gritty texture, making the overall prophylactic appointment easier on the patient," she says. "I've also had great feedback from my pediatric patients on the flavors of the fluoride varnish!"

In 2022, Henry Schein added new products to the ACCLEAN brand portfolio, such as the ACCLEAN Ultrasonic Scaler, which features dual frequency 25K/30K technology to automatically detect inserts to quickly integrate with existing equipment, as well as autogain technology to maintain power throughout a procedure. Laliberte recommends giving the refreshed line a try.

"I highly recommend the ACCLEAN preventive products," she exclaims. "They are efficient and reliable, allowing us to work quickly and comfortably, all while delivering the highest quality of care to our patients." The economical products, she adds, also provide great value.

Laliberte is confident that hygienists will agree with her assessment. "You are bound to find more than one item you will love! I can almost guarantee you'll be switching up your routine to include ACCLEAN preventive products."

Jackie Laliberte, RDH
Natick, Massachusetts

Henry Schein Brand

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