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April 2017
Volume 38, Issue 4

Parkell’s Auto/Manual Tune Ultrasonic Scaler: Tune to Your Liking

With a 37-year career as a dental hygienist, Renee Marchant, RDHAP, has used a variety of scalers. After taking a class on the use of ultrasonic scalers in the 1990s, Marchant was inspired to utilize this improved way of cleaning teeth. “Ultrasonics has changed my life,” she explains, not only for her patients, but for her hand problems, which ceased after she switched to ultrasonics.

Marchant’s current preferred system is Parkell’s Auto/Manual Tune Ultrasonic Scaler, which enables hygienists to switch from manual tune to autotune at the touch of a finger. “I like to compare automatic and manual ultrasonic scaling with car transmissions,” she explains. “Manual tuning is like driving a stick shift car—you can control driving, acceleration, decreasing speed, etc, according to your wishes. With an automatic transmission, the car is preset for gear changes. Both technologies will remove deposits, but it is how comfortably you can perform power scaling that really matters to the patient.”

Dual adjustment knobs make precision tuning a snap with this ultrasonic scaler. You simply pull the knob to initiate the manual mode and fine-tune it with the dial. “If you work in an office with multiple people using the same machine, some will prefer automatic and others manual. With the Parkell Auto/Manual Tune machine, you have both options in one, making everyone happy,” emphasizes Marchant.

“Personally, I call the tuning knob my ‘comfort’ knob. When I can adjust the number of times a tip hits the tooth, I can remove deposits more comfortably. I can get rid of spray, which is hugely important with my patients, and I can use less water so they don’t choke as easily. In addition, using this setting also greatly reduces root sensitivity, and inserts will perform longer. The faster and slower removal from adjusting the frequency (tuning) is what makes ultrasonic scaling more comfortable.”

This scaler is compatible with most 25KHz inserts, which helps suit all users’ needs and preferences. It is also compact and does not take up a lot of counter space. For the hygienist who is in multiple offices or makes on-site visits, the Parkell Auto/Manual Tune is extremely portable. Marchant even compliments its sleek, attractive style.

What really sets this scaler apart from the rest is that it comes with a 5-year warranty. When you purchase the unit from Parkell, you have a 45-day trial period to discover if you are completely satisfied with the scaler, which no other scaler manufacturer offers. The Parkell unit can truly last a very long time when it is properly used and cared for. Marchant adds, “I had an original model back in the 1990s that I personally used for 15 years without any need for repair. I finally upgraded to a new model because I teach hands-on ultrasonic instrumentation courses and felt my students needed to see the latest machine. Otherwise, I would have gladly continued using my original. But for an extremely reasonable price, I could easily afford to upgrade.”

Many opinion leaders in hygiene recommend manually-tuned scalers for low-power debridement. “My patients have called me a master at cleaning, because the tuning really helps take the sting out of the tip for their sensitive areas, and there’s no spraying. But I correct them and say no, I’m not a master; I just have the right machine.”

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