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October 2020
Volume 41, Issue 9

Parkell’s Brush&Bond® Universal a User-Friendly, Time-Saving, Versatile Adhesive System

Thomas Bilski, DDS, has been in practice for more than 30 years and sees everyday as "an opportunity to learn something new." A cosmetic dentist and implantologist, the Independence, Ohio-based practitioner concentrates on treating what he calls "terminal smiles." "We provide services  ranging from simple cleanings to periodontal scale/root plane therapies, sealants to direct bonded restorations, and cosmetic smile makeovers. Technology is the spine of my practice, and our goal is to optimize patients' dental wellness while allowing them autonomy in choosing the best treatment for them."

Besides practicing, Bilski is a frequent lecturer who focuses on cutting-edge technology and trends in treatment devoted to restoring and optimizing the oral health of the patient and replicating the natural beauty of the smile. "This means having healthy gums and teeth free of inflammation and decay," he exclaims.

As a self-described "rookie" dentist in 1988, Bilski claims he read everything about bonding that came across his desk. "I began educating myself on bonding materials, and I soon found that I had a lot of success with Parkell® adhesive products." Now he uses Parkell's Brush&Bond® Universal. "Once I began to use this product, I noticed less sensitivity with direct composite restorations and crowns," he comments.

Bilski asserts that Brush&Bond Universal is extremely user-friendly, and with the application of a thin coat using the special applicator, postoperative sensitivity is significantly decreased. Additionally, he claims the simplicity and effectiveness of the universal adhesive system make it "a time-saver."

Indications for use of Brush&Bond Universal, a 4-META bonding system, according to Parkell, are direct dental restorations; indirect dental resin, ceramic, and metal restorations; desensitization of dentin; and sealing of dentin, cementum, or enamel. The system, the company notes, works with all composite resins, requiring no additional activators, and also works with all dental etching techniques-total-, selective-, and self-etch-providing strong adhesion in direct and indirect restorations. Additionally, the adhesive bonds to all presently available dental materials and all hard dental tissues, and cures with all dental curing lights. Moreover, Brush&Bond Universalprovides both immediate and long-term bond stability, according to the manufacturer, so that anterior and posterior high-stress resin restorations will endure.

Bilski says patient feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with many patients reporting notable decrease in sensitivity at their hygiene visits 6 months postoperative. "Many patients who in the past may have felt sensitivity in their teeth after receiving fillings or crowns, and had discomfort brushing and had to rinse with warm water, now say they have no sensitivity and can use cold water after brushing their teeth. Some have commented how much they appreciate being able to drink ice-cold water after a workout!"

Parkell is committed to providing practitioners any educational assistance regarding their products, Bilski says. "Personally, I have delivered webinars and articles for Parkell addressing adhesive dentistry, as well as other subjects that support long-term results for doctors and their patients," he states. "Parkell understands that dentistry is ever-changing, and it is important to provide quality education resources to help dentists navigate."

Bilski anticipates continued advancements in adhesion dentistry. "I believe we'll continue to see improvements in the bonding capabilities for zirconia restorations and additive final long-term restorations," he predicts. "Less invasive or non-invasive dentistry is where the industry is headed." Parkell products, he affirms, will be there to help clinicians save patients' smiles.

Parkell, Inc.

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