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October 2018
Volume 39, Issue 9

Brush&Bond® Universal Enables Convenient, High-Performance Bonding for Esthetic Restorations

For Gregg A. Helvey, DDS, MAGD, CDT, Parkell's Brush&Bond® Universal Adhesive System seemed like the obvious choice when selecting a universal bonding agent after years of achieving consistent, dependable results with the original Brush&Bond®. "I began using Brush&Bond Universal when it first came on the market, about 3 years ago," says Helvey, who is active in writing about dentistry and testing new products, including adhesives and bonding materials. "I found Brush&Bond Universal to be just as reliable as the original Brush&Bond, with improved physical properties."

Helvey has always been interested in cosmetic dentistry, he says-so much so that the Middleburg, Virginia, practitioner has done his own laboratory work for many years and recently became a certified dental technician. Helvey, who is also an Associate Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Dentistry, Advanced Education in General Dentistry Residency program, acknowledges that dental materials continue to evolve to create stronger, more efficient, and more esthetic restorations.

"There were several manufacturers releasing different versions of ‘universal' bonding agents," Helvey recalls. He chose Parkell's Brush&Bond Universal because it is a dual-cure adhesive and features 4-META technology, which he says, "has decades of proven performance."

Convenience also played a role in Helvey's choice, as Brush&Bond Universal can be used with the same applicator brushes as the original. "Since the components remained the same, we weren't required to make any large changes to our inventory," he comments.

Brush&Bond Universal, Helvey adds, is intuitive and easy to use, making it well suited for clinicians of various skill levels. "The dual-cure component is impregnated directly into the special applicator brushes. This capability means that an additional primer is not required, which adds to the ease of use." This component, he attests, gives the clinician peace of mind when restoring areas where light-curing may be difficult, such as deep interproximal boxes in Class II preparations. Plus, the adhesive product has high predictability.

Another benefit of Brush&Bond Universal, Helvey points out, is that the activator brushes come in two sizes, standard and mini-endo, which is important when working in tight spaces. "The smaller endo-sized brush can get into post spaces and very small tooth preparations," he says.

Brush&Bond Universal delivers a durable bond when used with a variety of materials, including ceramics and dental alloys, as well as dentin and enamel, Helvey says. Moreover, the Brush&Bond products also serve as desensitizers for crown preparations and cervical areas. "It's a great desensitizer in cases of root exposure, even if I'm not bonding any composite resin to the adhesive," he notes.

Helvey also touts the product's low film thickness, which allows the restoration to fit comfortably in the patient's mouth and enhances esthetics without sacrificing bond strength. "The best patient feedback I receive after using this product," he says, "is that the restoration feels completely natural, whether direct or indirect. My ‘high-sensitivity' patients get immediate and long-term relief."

Being an educator himself, Helvey appreciates that Parkell has a knowledgeable technical staff that is readily available to assist clinicians with any Parkell product. The company also provides instructional videos, articles, and resources on its website.

Speculating about the future of adhesives and bonding agents, Helvey says bioactive materials are making their way into adhesive technology. He also feels adhesive techniques may become simpler and less technique-sensitive. "Figuring out how to achieve the same bond strengths with zirconia that we now have with porcelain-based ceramics would be a game-changer," he muses. Undoubtedly, Helvey predicts, Parkell, a company known for innovative, high-quality, top-performing dental materials, will be helping lead the way in these exciting developments.

Parkell, Inc.

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