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Compendium April 2017 Cover
April 2017
Volume 38, Issue 4
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From the Editor

Keys to Success

p. 197

Continuing Education

What Is in Your Zirconia?

Gregg A. Helvey, DDS, MAGD, CDT

p. 213

A Novel Technique in Root-Coverage Procedures: The Fibrin-Assisted Soft-Tissue Promotion Concept

Alexandre-Amir Aalam, DDS, Alina Krivitky Aalam, DDS, Joseph Choukroun, MD

p. 221

Business of Dentistry

Discovering the Hidden Potential of Mouthguards

Roger P. Levin, DDS

p. 206


What are the best methods to accelerate tooth movement?

Robert L. Boyd, DDS, Stuart L. Frost, DDS, Bella Shen Garnett, DMD, MMSc

p. 208

Case Reports

Narrow-Diameter Implants: Dual Function as a Tent Pole for Vertical Ridge Augmentation and a Guide for Definitive Implant Position

Takanori Suzuki, DDS, PhD, Ismael Khouly, DDS, MS, PhD, Sang-Choon Cho, DDS, Stuart J. Froum, DDS

p. 230

Minimally Invasive Single-Implant Treatment in the Esthetic Zone

David E. Azar, DDS

p. 240

Clinical Technique

10 Keys for Successful Esthetic-Zone Single Immediate Implants

Robert A. Levine, DDS, Jeffrey Ganeles, DMD, Luiz Gonzaga, DDS, MS, Joseph Y. Kan, DDS, MS, Harry Randel, DMD, Chris D. Evans, BDSc, MDSc, MRACDS, Stephen T. Chen, BDS, MDSc, PhD, FRACDS

p. 248

Special Report

Oral Hygiene: Past, Present, and Future

Michael P. Rethman, DDS, MS

p. 262

Special Reports: In-Depth Look

Nupro Freedom™ Cordless Prophy System With SmartMode™ Technology

p. 266

FluoroDose: Prevention for Life

p. 264

Parkell's Auto/Manual Tune Ultrasonic Scaler: Tune to Your Liking

p. 268

Oral Health Insights

How Camaraderie Advances Cosmetic Dentistry

Salvatore Lotardo, DDS, AAACD

p. 272

Online Only

Endodontic Management of Maxillary First Molar With Two Palatal Canals Aided With Cone Beam Computed Tomography: A Case Report

Jaya Pamboo, MDS, Manoj Kumar Hans, MDS, Subhas Chander, MDS, Kapil Sharma, MDS

The Key Points of Maintenance Therapy for Dental Implants: A Literature Review

Miha Pirc, DMD, Irina F. Dragan, DDS, MS

Minimally Invasive Surgery in Periodontal Regeneration: A Review of the Literature

John C. Tunnell, DDS, MS, Stephen K. Harrel, DDS, MS

Is Centric Relation Always the Position of Choice for TMDs? Case Report of How TMD and Airway Dimension May Be Associated

William E. Harrell Jr, DMD, C.DSM, Tim Tatum, DMD, Mike Koslin, DMD

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